The BBC is making a series of Sally Rooney’s Conversations with Friends

And there are going to be 12 episodes!

The BBC is making a series of Sally Rooney’s debut novel Conversations with Friends, following its upcoming adaptation of Normal People.

The series will have the same director – Lenny Abrahamson – as Normal People, which airs later this year.

Conversations with Friends follows the story of Dublin students Frances and Bobbi, who form a connection with married couple Melissa and Nick.

The cast and release date have not yet been announced, however the series will run as 12 half-hour episodes on BBC Three.

Released in 2017, Conversations with Friends was Rooney’s debut novel and won the Irish writer heaps of awards and praise.

Sally Rooney said: “I am so pleased to be working with the team at Element, Lenny Abrahamson and the BBC to produce an adaptation of Conversations With Friends. I’m confident we’re going to find fresh and interesting ways of dramatising the novel’s dynamics, and I’m excited to watch the process take shape‎.”

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