Tell us about your experience with your uni’s counselling service

If you’ve got a story about your uni’s mental health services, we want to hear it

The stats about overstretched university counselling services are shocking: 125, 000 students are at unis which have cut their mental health budgets. Over half of unis don’t know how many students are dying by suicide, with some even pretending not to know. At some unis, students are having to wait up to two months to get an appointment.

But behind those numbers are the experiences of countless students who pass through those services.

The Tab is investigating the state of uni mental health services in 2020. We want to hear your experience with your uni’s counselling service.

If you have a story from your uni’s services you think we should hear about, tell us.

Email [email protected] in confidence. This means we won’t reveal any details about you that you’re not happy with.