These water drinking memes hit different if you love a glass of the cold stuff

Yes, I am a dirty slut for water

There are lots of drinks to choose from these days, but only one is actually good: water

If you are a devotee, you will know the satisfaction of a crisp glass of the cold stuff. The joy of seeing condensation on a water bottle. The relief of having pee as clear as your skin. There are entire communities dedicated to a love of water.

So please, enjoy these water memes as you gulp down your umpteenth pint of the day.

First, the realisation that you may be a dirty slut for water hits hard

Only true h2o legends know water is not just a palette cleanser, it is a palette supercharger

In fact, drinking that cold stuff is becoming an addiction

The facts speak for themselves

Your organs will thank you

Do not listen to the haters and detractors who try to stop us enjoying Poseidon’s drip

As you battle against the harsh world, water is one of your only true allies

Remember: it doesn’t just have to be a drink

In such a passionate community, it’s only natural people get competitive over water drinking

Yet we all know the best way to slurp down a cup of that clear clear

And, sure, you might have to pee a lot, but it’s worth it

water memes

Really, it’s worth it

water memes

Just as long as you don’t forget to stay hydrated

Because you realise some good water is the solution to all problems

It’ll save your hungover ass time and time again

These pictures of water can even cure sadness (look at that condensation)

Frankly, it’s hard to understand how people can drink anything else on the reg

It’s harder still to get your head around people who don’t like water

People from Birmingham are very protective over their tap water

You’d almost think it’s the only thing they’ve got to shout about

Enter the Welsh

I think we’d better stop with the water memes before this descends into a civil war. I also drank like three pints of water whilst writing this so I’m off.

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