What does it mean to be biromantic? And why is it different from bisexuality?

And yes it’s different to pan as well

A biromantic person is romantically attracted to two or more genders. They seek a deep connection, kisses, cuddles and hand holding with another person but don’t necessarily want to sleep with them. Sexual and romantic orientations can be different, so you could be biromantic and asexual. Therefore romantically attracted to two or more genders but sexually not attracted to any gender.

Yes the word ‘bi’ would usually suggest just two, but we no longer have just male and female genders, there are multiple, so it now works that bi means two or more.

It’s not the same as being panromantic, which is when an individual is open to romantic connections with all genders.

Biromantic doesn’t look the same for everyone, here’s what it could look like to you:

•Romantic attraction to men and women

•Romantic attraction to women and non binary people

•Romantic attraction to men and non binary people

•Romantic attraction to men, women and people with certain non-binary identities

•Romantic attraction to non binary people of different identities but not binary people

How does it work with your sexuality?

Individuals that identify as biromantic won’t necessarily be sexually attracted to the same people they’re romantically attracted to. So you could be biromantic but asexual, bisexual, heterosexual, homosexual or pansexual.

Being biromantic is all about the romantic associations with the person rather than a sexual relationship, so you may kiss, hold hands and cuddle. But you don’t have a strong sexual desire towards the individual.

Why is it different to bisexuality?

So bisexuality is being sexually attracted to two or more genders and biromantic is about the romantic attraction.

How is it different to being panromantic?

Being panromantic means you would potentially be romantically attracted to all genders, whereas biromantic is an attraction to multiple genders, so you could be romantically attracted to women and non binary people, but know you wouldn’t be attracted to men.

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