Oh to be one of these 35 wholesome, nostalgic and savage ‘oh to be’ memes

Oh to be this funny

2020 has not been a great year so far, and everyone on Twitter is using a new meme format “oh to be” to wish away their lives and say who and where they would rather be.

The “oh to be” meme has produced some quality tweets. They range from very wholesome, with people wanting to be a chinchilla being held to wanting to go back to being 10 and playing on your Nintendo DS. A simpler time.

A few users have taken the meme very seriously to point out social injustices. One user has used the meme ironically to remind us women used to have lobotomies in the 1800s. Such range.

These are the weirdest, cutest and down right savage “oh to be” memes:

All these animals out here living their best wholesome lives

1. Just look at him sucking on that spaghetti

2. What a joy

3. What a wholesome pairing

4. I just want to be held like this

5. He’s just so chilled out

6. Such a big mouse

7. That looks so difficult

8. This is the sweetest picture I’ve seen all year

9. These bears are insanely cute

10. What a great accessory

11. Such a supportive environment or are they shagging?

12.Why does this look like an influencer’s Instagram post from 2017?

13. The dream bed

Ah, sweet nostalgia

14. God this was such a frustrating process

15. This was the best game ever, no contest

16. The Teletubbies was when I first experienced pure green envy. Not being able to have tubby toast.

17. This is honestly better than my Facebook profile pic now

18. I was definitely not on Animal Crossing mum

Wow, ok, these revealed some truths

19. Honestly living the life of Donna will always be my dream

20. Not jealous at all

21. Wow just imagine having that level of freedom

22. If only all life was as easy as The Sims

23. There is no purer friendship in the world

24. Vegans take no shit when it comes to their ‘milk’

25. The 1800s was such a great time for women

26. Definitely me at my happiest

27. Just the dream tbh

28. My TikTok career will take off ok

29. Sometimes living your best life means you’ll be a disappointment

Just plain weird

30. Look at it go

31. They’re just so fluffy

32. WTF is this?

33. This is actual porn for me

34. Ok then

35. If I could just be carried around like this that would be great thanks

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