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Quiz: How long would you last in the Love Island villa?

Would you be the one to steal the £50k?

Love Island is quickly drawing to a close. We’re well and truly over Casa Amor, all the best tasks have been and gone and we’re now seeing the Islanders on their final dates ahead of the finale episode this Sunday. It’s the time where a lot of us will be tuning in and thinking, you know what? I reckon I could do this. Well this quiz is about to tell you if you really could.

Do you think you’d come in, take the villa by storm, win over the public, find love and then nab the £50k? Or are you more the person to enter in Casa Amor, say “we gonna steal yo man” and then never be seen again? It’s time to find out how long you would last in the Love Island villa.

Find out how long you would last on Love Island here:

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