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Quiz: Can you guess the winter Love Islander from their baby picture?

Brb crying at Mike as a child

Inspired by last night’s baby challenge, we hunted down all of the winter Love Island contestants baby pics. Because, is there anything cuter than looking at pictures from when people were children?

They were all terrible as parents themselves. Paige basically abandoned her baby and Jamie barely batted an eyelid as his pushchair blew into the swimming pool. So what were the Islanders like as babies themselves? We’ve seen their pre-Love Island transformations, but now it’s time to really turn back the clock. Here are baby pics belonging to all of the remaining Islanders. The challenge? Guess who they belong to. Is it Finn, Paige, Ched, Jess, Mike, Priscilla, Siannise, Luke T, Luke M, Demi, Callum, Molly, Jamie or Natalia? Test your beady eye in this quiz.

Match the Love Island contestants to their baby pics here:

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