Ranking every Love Island couple proposal from least to most cringe

Remember Charlie Brake’s lipstick t-shirt fiasco? Embarrassing

When you get halfway through a season of Love Island, it becomes a whole lot more watchable. You actually like the contestants, and the contestants like each other. It gets funnier, the drama is bigger (see: Casa Amor) – but there’s a cost to all that good content. When the Islanders bond and become closer, they invariably end up forming couples – like, actual real life couples. Which means one thing in Love Island: a couple proposal.

Something that literally never happens in real life – you’re more likely to see the dead and dusty Facebook relationship status resurface than an actual “will you be my girlfriend” speech and proposal – but in Love Island, it’s everything. We’ve had so many awfully iconic ones – Charlie Brake’s lipstick chest, the Islanders forming a heart in the garden, Kem’s elaborate and actually relatively well executed texting tour of the villa with Amber. There’s so many, it’s hard to remember them all. UNTIL NOW. From least to most cringe, here are all the Love Island couple proposals of times gone by:

Least cringe: Megan and Wes, Series four

First off, we stan a girl asking the guy, for once. Also made more endearing because Wes was literally about to ask Megan to be his girlfriend, but she pulled him for a chat first and beat him to it. Megan Barton-Hanson does, historically, get what she wants. Also not a phone or a group of Islanders forming a heart in sight, just people living in the moment. You love to see it.

Jordan and Anna, Series five

What a beautiful scene, everyone salmon-ing into the pool celebrating Anna and Jordan’s new relationship. And to think he tried to crack on with a new girl just three days later and it all went up in flames. Ah, Love Island.

Charlie and Ellie, Series four

This isn’t cringe, this one was just a big fat mess. The weird dance party that happens in order to get Ellie to the fire pit, the fact that Jack spills most of his drink on Charlie’s white jeans and not his top, the fake fight, the lipstick smeared off and basically being unreadable. Not cringe, but enjoyable. Personal favourite bit is near the end of the clip when Charlie turns to Ellie and says “Look at her, she doesn’t fuckin’ know what’s goin on!”

Josh and Kaz, Series five

This one’s not that bad, but it’s also not that interesting. I’ll take the over the top, ridiculously mushy, stupid displays of affection proposals over this, to be honest. The only thing worth noting is how we watched a whole series of Kaz and never realised how much she looks like Maya Jama.

Dani and Jack, Series four

This one’s a bit cringe, obvs, but that’s just classic day beds cringey Love Island chat. Nothing out of the ordinary. Also Dani Dyer’s happiness is real, and palpable. Dare you to watch it and not smile even a little bit.

Paige and Finn, Series six

Quite cute because you can tell they actually like each other, but any speech read off of a phone is not a vibe. If you were delivering a presentation at uni you’d get marked down, Finn. Shape up.

Scott and Kady, Series two

When the composer who scored Love Actually wrote this beautiful piece of music, I bet they never considered that nearly 10 years later it would be used in a reality TV show when a contestant proposed to his love interest via a series of towels and cushions spelling out “Be my GF?” but here we are.

Tommy and Molly-Mae, Series five

Before I present you with this YouTube clip, I’d like to apologise for the weird noise Curtis makes at 00.10 seconds. It is truly something.

This clip is a goldmine of Love Island content and we really did not appreciate this series enough. Tipping out the girls makeup bags. Hiding in the wardrobe. Curtis and Tommy not being able to spell. Curtis saying “He’s about to ask Molly to be his girlfriend – SHUT UP – I need everyone to position themselves into a heart over there.” Ovie asking to be the bottom of the heart. It’s endless.

This is second most cringe largely because the proposal is delivered through Molly Mae’s toy, Ellie Belly, which is something we really didn’t need to see.

However, often the cringiest Love Island proposals are the best to watch. Saying that, without further adieu, I present to you…

Most cringe: Kem and Amber, Series two

Annoyingly the official Love Island YouTube channel didn’t upload the full proposal, and it really is key to watch it in full, but luckily someone called Davina Smith uploaded it all to YouTube. Thank you Davina. But did you film this on a potato? Lol XD

“I’m worried. This is a very serious and intricate operation” said hairdresser Kem, before pulling off the best, cringiest and most ridiculously elaborate couple proposal not just in Love Island, but potentially of all time. There are moments in this show where you are reminded that the Islanders truly have nothing to do all day except sit and think up stuff like this, and you feel a bit sorry for the sheer amount Cabin Fever they’re experiencing, but God did it make good TV.

Kem rigs a series of phones placed in different locations across the villa to receive texts and this takes Amber around a tour of the villa, to all of her and Kem’s “places”. Oh, to be a Love Islander producer watching this play out in real time and just knowing your job would be an easy one that night because of Kem Cetinay’s meticulous planning. That boy was content on a stick. The overall proposal was emotional, soppy af, and truly took more planning than their eventual four month relationship was worth, but at least they started it on a high. All downhill from there, sadly. Oh apart from that bit where they won 50 grand.

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