Netflix’s new psychological thriller is about a terrifying cult society

People are so scared they literally can’t finish it

Ares is the next Netflix show you are going to be binge-watching. It will fill the gaping hole left by You and The Stranger. This series is literally the perfect combination of horror, drama and a secret society.

The season has eight 30 minute episodes and is all about Rosa, a medical student trying to get into an exclusive cult society, that has some very dark secrets hidden within it.

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What is Ares on Netflix about?

This new Netflix series is based in Amsterdam and created by a Dutch production team, although it is all spoken in English. The show focuses on Rosa who is an intelligent mixed race medical student.

Rosa is recruited to join an exclusive and mysterious student society. The society is made up of white legacy members and Rosa, as a mixed race student, isn’t exactly warmly welcomed to the society.

The cult has gory initiations, suicide and a big secret in the basement which Rosa tries to uncover.

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Some viewers are already too scared to finish it. One person on Twitter said “Ares on Netflix is so fucking distributing I can’t finish it”.

Loads of people have taken to Twitter to talk about how weird and messed up it is. Aka essential viewing. Some people have compared it to Carrie, said they were “hooked”, it’s “a mix of horror and social commentary” and the ending is “extremely satisfying”.

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Here’s what everyone’s saying about Netflix’s Ares so far:

Watch the trailer below (it’s in Dutch, but you’ll get the scary vibe):

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