These are the 19 best reactions to Netflix’s Next in Fashion

‘Slutty but not illegal’ is my whole vibe

This post contains spoilers.

Next in Fashion came out last week and judging by Twitter’s reactions it’s fair to say everyone is obsessed. In particular with Angelo – the Italian designer, who is quite frankly the happiest person I’ve ever seen.

His positivity and self belief is the vibe we should all be striving for in 2020. Aside from the hero that is Angelo, people are quite rightly pissed off with Isaac’s reaction to the elimination. There’s a lot of love for the winner Minju Kim and it’s been confirmed Minju’s collection will be released on Net-a-Porter some time in February.

There’s also a lot of questions for the producers. Like, who the hell designed the runway show backgrounds. Cause they’re a disaster. And is there going to be justice for Nasheli??

Here are all the best Twitter reactions to Next in Fashion:

1. Just a quick summary of what Next In Fashion is all about

2. Isaac is dead to me

3. Literally what did he even do??

4. The most wholesome fashion show

5. Seriously, who was in charge there?

6. Honestly, I really did not need this

7. That exit was 100 per cent the most dramatic moment of the show

8. Nothing but love for our Queen

9. I guess if you squint and turn your head to the left they kind of look the same

10. Claire was just a whole vibe

11. Angelo must be protected at all costs

12. It’s either one or the other

13. He was not afraid of throwing that shade

14. I just love Angelo, ok

15. I know EXACTLY what I am talking about

16. Not being dramatic but..

17. Serious question

18. The two voices in my head are very different levels

19. One final Angelo love tweet cause this man is my life

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