This is how much the Love Islanders could rake in per Instagram post

Shaughna is going to be rolling in it

In the beginning Love Island was for people genuinely wanting to find their soul mate and get pissed on TV. Now the Islander’s number one objective is getting that PrettyLittleThing collection. Love Islanders can charge some serious money for their Instagram posts.

Winter Love Island hasn’t even finished yet and already we know who is predicted to make the most cash from their time in the villa.

A new AI tool has helped us see the increase in followers since the Islanders went into the villa. It has also showed the increase in how much the Islanders can charge per Instagram posts.

This is how much each Love Island contestant can potentially charge per Instagram post:

Shaughna Phillips

via Instagram @shaughnaphillips

Instagram followers: 636,000

Earnings per post: £3,085

Shaughna is currently the Islander who could earn the most from her stint on Love Island. Goodbye to the council and hello to a Boohoo deal.

Sophie Piper

via Instagram @sophpiper_

Instagram followers: 494,000

Earnings per post: £2,390

Sophie was already doing well with followers before she entered the Love Island villa. Now she can rinse her appearance for all it’s worth and earn a lot of dollar.

Callum Jones

via Instagram @_callum_jones

Instagram followers: 466,000

Earnings per post: £2,261

Quite surprisingly Callum is the male Islander who could earn the most from his Instagram when he leaves the villa. I can definitely see him doing sponsored ads for McDonald’s and BoohooMAN.

Paige Turley

via Instagram @turley_paige

Instagram followers: 451,000

Earnings per post: £2,184

Paige will finally get the fame she’s been chasing by charging over £2,000 for a cute clothing picture. Before she went on Love Island she shared a fair few travel photos so maybe she’ll become a travel influencer.

Connor Durman

via Instagram @connordurman

Instagram followers: 420,000

Earnings per post: £2,033

If all Connor’s sponsored posts aren’t teeth ads then what was the point in getting those veneers?

Nas Majeed

via Instagram @nas_jm

Instagram Followers: 293,000

Earnings per post: £1,422

Oh sweet Nas, being friend zoned and becoming the public’s favourite is going to do so much for your bank account.

Siânnise Fudge

via Instagram @siannisefudge

Instagram followers: 278,000

Earnings per post: £1,345

You just know Siânnise will be trying to get on any sponsored Disney posts when she leaves.

Jess Gale

via Instagram @jessicarosegale

Instagram followers: 274,000

Earnings per post: £1,327

Jess and Eve are 100 per cent going to be getting a joint clothing deal right?

Leanne Amaning

via Instagram @leanneamaning

Instagram Followers: 267,000

Earnings per post: £1,297

Leanne wants to get the most out of her Instagram account. She’s hoping for Ovie to slide into the DMs and can charge over a £1,000 just for looking fit.

Eve Gale

via Instagram @evegale

Follower count: 265,000

Charge per post: £1,288

Being booted out pretty early is only making Eve £39 poorer than her sister per Instagram post.

Mike Boateng

via Instagram @michaelboateng01

Instagram Followers: 260,000

Earnings per post: £1,260

Mike has been accused of playing a game by Leanne. Let’s face it, aren’t all the Islanders going in the villa for the money? Mike is able to get over a £1,000 per Instagram post, so the game is working out pretty well for him.

Finn Tapp

via Instagram @finley__tapp

Instagram Followers: 189,000

Earnings per post: £913.20

Finn clearly hasn’t made much of an impact as he currently can’t get over £1,000 for a post. Maybe he could do some toe sucking content to get the followers up?

Connagh Howard

via Instagram @connagh92

Instagram Followers: 184,000

Earnings per post: £891

Connagh-with-a-G has already started working again. According to his Instagram Connagh put up a post saying “back to the grind.” Clearly the earnings per post aren’t doing enough for the bank balance.

Luke M

via Instagram @lukemabbot

Instagram Followers:127,000

Earnings per post: £613

Luke M is not making as much money as his lookalike Justin Bieber. But over £600 per post is still pretty decent.

Rebecca Gormley

via Instagram @rebeccagormleyx

Instagram Followers: 118,000

Earnings per post: £570

I really thought Rebecca would have more followers but turns out she’ll only be able to charge just over £500 for a sponsored ad.

Demi Jones

love island instagram charge

via Instagram @demijones1

Instagram Followers: 98,000

Earnings per post: £473

Demi knew what she was doing coupling up with Nas. She’s nearly got 100,000 followers and she’s only been in the villa a few days.

Luke T

love island instagram charge

via Instagram @luketroytrotman

Instagram Followers: 84,400

Earnings per post: £405

I really want more for Luke T. He’s had no interest from any of the girls in Casa Amour and now he could only be getting £400 per post.

Molly Smith

love island instagram charge

via Instagram @mollysmith19

Instagram Followers: 70,000

Earnings per post: £333

Molly has hardly been the villa and yet she’s already racking up the followers. This girl’s follower count and bank balance is just going to keep on growing.

Ollie Williams

love island instagram charge

via Instagram @olliesjwilliams

Instagram Followers: 67,900

Earnings per post: £329

Despite having one of the shortest Love Island appearances, Ollie can still get a verified Instagram account and can charge over £300 per post. Although he’s not exactly short of money.

Wallace Wilson

love island instagram charge

via Instagram @wallacewilson1

Instagram Followers: 55,600

Earnings per post: £266

Poor Wallace, he was only in the villa for a few days, everyone forgot about him and he can’t even get £300 for a sponsored post. Savage.

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