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These Durham Uni fashion show models are so hot they’re making me sweat

You are not ready

Durham is fit. That's an undisputed fact. It may be full of big Tories, but they are Big Fit Tories. Nothing proves this more than the annual Durham University Charity Fashion Show, where Durham pulls together all its fittest students (like fit fit) and gets them to strut their stuff.

Last week saw the this year's rendition of the fashion show, where 50 of Durham's hottest students graced the catwalk to raise an incredible £171k for the charities Stop the Traffik and Fashion Revolution. You probably didn't make it, but fear not, we have all the models for you right here. Feast your eyes on this and try not to cry over how much fitter Durham students are than the students at your uni. It's okay, we know. You'll make it through this.

Alex Richards

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Alex Shoff

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Archie Timmis

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Charlotte Frazer

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Chelsea Knott

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Constanza Prado Diez

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Davide Bertone

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Daisy Shepherd Cross

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Dave Weaver

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Eliza Batten

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Oluchi Emenike

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Rory MacLean

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Rumbi Wasterfall

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Tom Hancock

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Xhesika Gjoca

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Chris Bradshaw

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Ella Clouston

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Harry Dew

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Izzy Brooks

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Isaac Cruise

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Jesse Bakare

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Joseph Paton

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James Rosanwo

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Joey Yip

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Luke Thomson

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Mkuzo Kuwani

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