Calvin Harris’ nude has allegedly leaked and Twitter doesn’t know what to think

The SIZE of it

On Twitter last night an image claimed to be of Calvin Harris’ dick was leaked. I’m not going to provide the actual nude dick pic for you, go and find it for yourself you dirty lot.

However what I will say is that it is BIG and people on Twitter are having very mixed reactions. Many people are in shock and impressed with the size, others are making comparisons to E.T. and dinosaurs.

It’s not actually known if the penis in the picture is Calvin’s and there is only a chin and beard line of someone’s face on show. However because of the beard line people are saying it’s similar to Calvin’s and jumping to the conclusion the dick is his.

Calvin Harris used to date Taylor Swift and a lot of the memes are about Taylor and a big dick. In 2015, an alleged image nude of Calvin was leaked and he reportedly took legal action.

TMZ reported Calvin would also include his face in the pictures, which would explain why he would so desperately not want them to get out.

The report said: “[Calvin] apparently had a penchant for taking nude pics and videos. He not only bares all, but proudly mugs for the camera.”

Calvin Harris has made no statement about the alleged nude dick pic but people are pretty thirsty and have made some great memes about their discovery of the pic.

These are the best reactions to the nude pic claimed to be Calvin Harris’ dick:

1. The discovery

2. People love a dinosaur comparison

3. Well hey to Calvin Harris

4. This dinosaur comparison needs to stop

5. WOW.

6. Some people just can’t handle a big dick

7. I need to calm down

8. Ahhhhhhh

9. When your curiosity gets the better of you

10. Taylor was getting it

11. This is easily my favourite one

12. No this is not the actual picture

13. This image has disturbed me

14. Leave Baby Yoda out of this

15. It all makes so much sense

16. Hahahaha

17. Yes, yes you did

18. This is amazing

19. What is there to understand?

20. So shocked at the size

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