Ranked: Grads from these unis get employed the quickest

This table is giving me anxiety

The deep existential terror about whether you’ll have a job is normal. But statistically, how well-founded is your fear? To help you we’ve put together a list of the top 50 unis whose grads get jobs quickly.

And if speedy employment is your concern, it’s safe to say you should have gone to Imperial or Lancaster.

The rankings are based on data compiled by the Guardian for their 2020 university rankings, which shows the percentage of grads in grad-level jobs or education after six months.

Amongst the prestigious usual suspects, London South Bank -ranked 78th in the Guardian’s overall rankings – is the interloper in the top five. The rankings minnow may get looked down on, but it accredits a host of vocational and teaching courses which send grads into jobs.

Bath and Cambridge round out the unis getting grads speedy job, whilst Kent sneaks into the top 50.

If your uni’s not on here, you’re probably fucked. Sorry.

Anyway, check out the table:

Data: Guardian, percentage of graduates who find graduate-level jobs, or are in further study at professional or HE level, within six months of graduation.

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