Quiz: Which Sex Education boy would you get with?

If I don’t get Rahim I will cry

The boys of Sex Education are a mixed bunch of guys. There’s literally something for everyone. Do you want someone sporty and who you can help with their issues? Jackson. Loud, funny and incredibly well dressed? Obviously Eric. Really bad at getting girls off and vomiting at parties? Otis is the man for you. Or maybe you’ve got a thing for older guys and Jakob is more your vibe.

Season two of Sex Education also introduced us to plenty of new fit guys. Rahim with his poetry, beanie and French accent. Who could resist? Or Isaac with a seriously sarcastic witty edge to him and a habit of making omelettes late at night.

After two incredibly successful seasons, we’ve seen how these boys operate. Their flirting technique (or lack of), what they’re like in bed and where they go on dates has all been there for us to see and make an accurate judgement of which boy we’d like to shag.

You’ll probably already have a boy in mind who you’d like to get with, but there’s only true man who you’re actually meant to be with. This quiz will show you which guy at Moordale High you’ll be finding in a dark corner of a house party.

Take this quiz to find out which Sex Education guy you should be getting with:

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