Connor allegedly text his ex saying her sleeping with black men was ‘rank’

He’s accused of sending her a string of racist messages

Love Island’s Connor Durman has been accused by friends of sending a string of ‘racist messages’ to his ex girlfriend.

His ex, Stevie Leigh Pich, claims they broke up seven weeks before the show. Her friends claim he sent her racist WhatsApp messages after she told him she had slept with someone else, after the breakup.

According to the Sun, Connor told Stevie having sex with a black men was “rank” and “grim” and he called her a “slag” and a “slut”. He is also accused of saying that her sleeping with a black man made him “feel sick”.

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A friend of Stevie said: “It’s disgusting that he can send messages like that given who he’s paired up with on the show. He kept telling Stevie that it made him sick that she’d seen the guy and was really nasty. I hope Sophie will think twice when she finds out what he’s been saying. It’s vile language to use.”

Another text shown to the Sun discussing last year’s contestant Ovie Soko, led to him to tell Stevie that her “liking black boys” was “such a put off”. He then reportedly tells Stevie it’s “just rank” that she thought he was the best looking competitor on last summer’s show. He then goes on to call her a slut and a slag, telling her: “You’ve been a slut, I can tell” and “Go bang some black boy”.

Stevie and Connor met four years ago in Australia. When it was announced Connor would be entering the villa she accused him of lying in his application and said she was still living in Australia on his visa.

She told the Daily Mail: “I’m still out here now, I’m still on his visa until October. It’s been horrendous. It’s very hard for me to digest what’s going on. We had a French bulldog together called Rex, we did everything together but he’s said ‘I did everything myself.’ He didn’t, I cooked, cleaned and did every single thing for that boy. He did nothing on his own.

“I’ve been reading from his interview that he went on a date with a girl and it were the best date ever – I don’t know when that was but he was seeing me, we went to Thailand together in July last year, we were planning on buying a house together!”

Love Island, Connor, Connor Durman, racist, text, message, WhatsApp, girlfriend, ex, Stevie Leigh Pich, winter, 2020

Connor was coupled up with Sophie Piper in the Love Island villa. On Monday, after being voted the least popular couple, Connor was chosen by his fellow Islanders to leave the villa.

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