Only 1 in 10 people can pass this sex education test and everyone else is banned from sex

You simply don’t deserve it

Nine out of ten young people cannot pass this very easy sex education test designed for teenagers.

A quiz of 6,000 people by our dating podcast Is It In Yet?, revealed that most of you cannot answer basic questions about the female anatomy and contraception.

The quiz, which was based on Relationships and Sex Education (RSE) questions by the National Children’s Bureau, asked students 12 questions about sex and reproduction. Questions included “Can you catch an STI if you have oral sex?” and “What type of contraception is put inside of the uterus?”

On average, respondents were only able to answer half the questions correctly. Half of respondents couldn’t label the vagina correctly, and 88% of respondents expected females to orgasm much less during sex than they actually do.

It’s further proof that some people still don’t know what they’re doing in bed, even by the time they get to university. On the podcast, Is It In Yet?, hosts Grace Vielma and Lucy Woodham speak to baffled guests about their sexual encounters with boys who have no absolutely clue.

Talking on the podcast, one student said: “I went on a couple of dates with this guy, and after our third date I went back to his house.

“When we got into bed he immediately took all of his clothes off. Then he tried to initiate sex while I still had my underwear on.”

Other anecdotes on the podcast include stories of 18-year-old boys who didn’t know how to use condoms, and girls not knowing the basic science behind getting pregnant.

Podcast host Grace Vielma said: “People used to learn sex education at school, usually via a teacher putting a condom on a banana. Now more young people are learning about sex through shows like Sex Education and podcasts. The hilarious stories students are telling us on Is it in Yet? prove there’s still lots more to learn.”

“Is it in Yet?” is a sex and dating podcast that discusses everything from dating apps to nudes and tries to make sex better from the female perspective. You can listen to it on Apple podcasts and Spotify. Follow the podcast on Instagram here.

Readers can see whether they deserve to be having sex or not by taking the quiz for themselves below: