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Every adorable pic of the Sex Education cast being best mates behind the scenes

They’re all best friends and I’m CRYING

Imagine you love a TV show, and all of the characters in it, with your entire, 10 ounce, anatomically correct, beating heart. Imagine that all of the characters are best friends on screen, they love each other, they make fun of each other. It's very convincing and all is well. Then you find out they aren't mates in real life.

Nothing is akin to that kind of heartbreak. Sex and the city, The Notebook, Dirty Dancing. Some of these classics were built on actors pure raging at each other, but hiding it on screen thanks to the magic of acting.

Sex Education is not one of these examples. Thank. God. The cast all adore each other, spend loads of time together outside of the show, and seem to goof around a lot on set. Aimee and Adam are even in a real life relationship. You literally love to see it.

You know what else you love to see? Physical evidence of all these friendships, so here you are:

Lily, Kedar and Aimee chillin' in a taxi

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Credit: @kedarws

Asa Butterfield and Ncuti Gatwa enjoying some candyfloss

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Credit: @kedarws

Adam and Mrs Groff looking very intense with some mangos

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Credit: @sexeduction

Rahim aka Sami Outalbali wearing… something

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Credit: @kedarws

Kedar Williams Sterling holding the ICONIC Jackson jacket

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Credit: @kedarws

Maeve being a whole vibe, as per usual

Credit: @kedarws

Viv just havin' a lil nap

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Credit: @kedarws

Mr Groff taking a big fat bite outta Moordale

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Ncuti sorting out Steve good and proper

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Credit: @kedarws

Don't know what he is doing but I think it's working.

Some very fit people and some very large chairs

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Credit: @ncutigatwa

Kedar and Ola having a cuddle

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Credit: @kedarws

Dex and Anwar being unlikely friends

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Credit: @chaneilkular

The gang posing for the gram x

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Credit: @kedarws

Connor Swindells and Aimee Lou Wood being damn cute

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Credit: @connor_swindells

Ncuti and Kedar looking good. Very good. Upsettingly good

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Via @ncutigatwa

Eric and Maeve went to Wimbledon together! No I'm not crying you are

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Credit: @ncutigatwa

Got that Moordale drip

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Credit: @aimeelouwood

Dear God I would like to be a part of this fictional family, thank you very much

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Credit: @trishallison

The boys are back in town

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Credit: @asabopp

This is adorable and I love them

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Credit: @asabopp

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Credit: @asabopp

Very cute bench fun with friends

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The three musketeers

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Credit: @ncutigatwa

I have no words

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