Love Island’s Rebecca has been spotted modelling for Lidl

It’s one thing being a pageant queen, but coveted middle aisle of Lidl is true success

Rebecca from Love Island has said approximately 867 times that she’s a model. But somehow she managed to miss out that in her glowing portfolio she’s modelled for a budget supermarket.

Yes, photos which appear to be Love Island 2020 contestant Rebecca Gormley modelling a blanket have been spotted in Lidl. She told her fellow Islanders all about her high flying modelling career, how she’s been Miss Newcastle and also won Miss bare-faced Newcastle – so she must just be waiting for a better time to bring up her glamorous blanket shoot.

Fans have been spotting the pictures in Lidl and taking to Twitter to share their shock. One said: “When Rebecca said she was a model, she didn’t mention it was for Lidl did she?”

Rebecca Gormley, Rebecca, Love Island, modelling, Lidl, blanket, pictures, Miss Newcastle

Another posted a different picture, of the same blanket, captioned: “Am I high or is this Rebecca from Love Island? Found in the middle of Lidl.”

Rebecca Gormley, Rebecca, Love Island, modelling, Lidl, blanket, pictures, Miss Newcastle

The blanket is the Meradiso Blanket, which is labelled as £14.99 in the pictures, but on their website is a steal at just £7.99. It’s described as a “cosy blanket with soft backing, made from high-quality microfibre, size: 150 x 200cm.” And Rebecca does look comfy.

The pictures do look strikingly like her. It’s one thing being a beauty pageant queen, but you know you’ve truly made it when you’re in the coveted Lidl middle aisle.

Rebecca has also modelled wedding dresses

Before entering the villa, Rebecca did a wedding photoshoot outside a church. She modelled a number of different dresses and bouquets. Now all she needs is the groom.

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