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Is he a fuckboy? Take this very scientific quiz to truly find out

He probably is

Fuckboys are like the common cold of the dating world. They come, make you feel like shit for a while and then disappear. Oh, and they’re everywhere.

But sometimes, you stumble across a guy and think ‘you know, he could be the one’. Jackpot. But sometimes not even these types of boys can be trusted. You’ll be constantly questioning yourself, am I dating a fuckboy?

There are a few common signs you are dating a fuckboy – like him never replying to you, refusing to be serious and never meeting his friends or having pictures together. But you know, dating the nice guy is just so easy – and being with a fuckboy is sometimes so much more fun. They’ve been around for years, and no matter how much they hurt us, we just can’t stop.

So, am I dating a fuckboy? This quiz will tell you if you’ve got one on your hands

(Which you probably have)

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