What to do with a guy’s balls, a guide

Get ready to change his life

Testicles are a mysterious part of sex. We’ve all heard stories that boys love it when they’re played with but also that one bad move can result in tears. It’s also hard to know what to actually do with a guy’s balls. Should you cup them? Play with them? Stroke them? Suck them? The answer is yes, all of the above and so much more.

Knowing what to do with the guy’s balls takes the whole sexual experience up three levels. It’s like when someone licks a girl’s clit, then fingers her, then does them both at the same time. It fucks her up, but in the best way possible. Do you want to fuck him up in the best way possible? If so, you need to memorise our best ball-play tips:

Rule number one: be gentle

Guys are already very aware of how sensitive balls are so they know to go carefully. For women, it’s sometimes hard to know what pressure is right. You want them to feel what you’re doing but equally, one slightly rough movement can really hurt. It’s always better to start lightly and ask them what’s working. If they want you to go harder then let them tell you and if they don’t have the nerve to tell you, then they need to grow a pair HA.

One hand for the handjob, one hand on the guy’s balls

Handjobs can sometimes feel tedious. You’re doing the same movement over and over so it’s easy to feel like you should be mixing it up a bit. Well, you’re welcome because the balls are the solution to this.

During the handjob, put your other hand on his balls. There’s not really a set technique, so just play with them how you would play with a delicate, soft, squishy toy. Let them move around in your hand, and apply and release gentle pressure with your fingers. They’re so sensitive that just the contact of your hand feels good, you don’t have to do much.

Licking, sucking and kissing

Okay so now you want to get your mouth involved. Using your mouth for ball-play comes in handy during a blowjob. You can swap between giving head and playing with his ball with your hands, to giving him a handjob and using your mouth on his balls. The variety keeps it interesting for him and stops your jaw cramping up.

For some boys, licking and sucking their balls looks better than it feels, which is still worthwhile because looking incredible during sex can be just as effective as what you’re actually doing. With this in mind, the top tip is to just go for it, enjoy yourself and you’ll look great. You can tease with kissing the balls, then licking around the edges and from bottom to top. You can try gently sucking on them – but be weary of your teeth. This is also a great opportunity for some powerful eye contact.

Don’t forget the gooch

The gooch is really sensitive and important and it may scare you a bit because it’s the path to his arsehole or that might be the exact reason you want to lick it. Either way, if he’s keen then play with the gooch!

If you’re not sure what this is, it’s also called the perineum and both men and women have it. It’s the area of skin between your anus and your genitals and it’s especially sensitive for men because beneath this small patch of nerve endings lies the prostate. It’s basically a man’s G-Spot – playing with it correctly could potentially unlock a wonderful world that your man didn’t even know about.

When using your hands on his balls, stretch your middle finger below and gently rub up and down the gooch (sometimes wetting your finger first can make this easier). When using your mouth, do a similar technique with your tongue – at this point, your face is basically in his arse so only do what you’re both comfortable with.

Play with them during sex

Another great opportunity to broaden the pleasure experience for him is to touch his balls throughout sex. Use the same techniques with your hands. The best positions are cowgirl and backwards cowgirl. Missionary and spooning also work if you can reach your hands underneath. Just be careful you don’t get too into sex and accidentally squeeze too hard.

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