Inside the winter Love Islanders’ homes: What do their houses really look like?

Rebecca has a beautiful house to match her beautiful face and her beautiful hair

As soon as someone goes on Love Island everyone is instantly desperate to know the most top secret and intimate parts of their lives. Finding out someone’s background, their exes and where they’re from says a lot about them as a person. However, going inside someone’s home and seeing what colour their bedroom walls are or whether they chose tiles or wood for their kitchen floor is like looking into the deepest, darkest corners of their consciousness –  you learn a lot.

And so, we decided to break into the 2020 Love Islanders’ homes so we can truly know what sort of people they are. A joke, of course. Instead, we’ve done excessive stalking of each of their Instagrams and pieced together exactly what their houses look like.


Leanne’s house is everything you’d hope – sexy, classy and stylish. The velvet headboard with the matching silk bed covers that also match her pyjama bottoms – nice touch. So many different shades of pink and purple. Also, this picture in general – she’s wearing sunglasses while in bed, in pyjamas and a full face of makeup – it’s completely unrealistic and it’s powerful.

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gotta work on my posture

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Another outfit and furniture match. She seems to be into a modern take on traditional furniture – she’s got taste.

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sending location x

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The mirror also looks like a modern take on an antique – nice job Leanne, you go Leanne.

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gemini szn ? #22

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Jess and Eve

Get ready for some serious white-on-white-on-white interiors. Below, Eve works her paperwhite walls, with a white acid-wash wooden floor, alongside an accent splash of white rug. I feel dizzy and soulless.

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@fashion.rumours ♡

A post shared by EVE GALE (@evegale) on Jul 16, 2019 at 9:08am PDT

Moving on to Jess’ bedroom – she’s gone to the added effort of covering the dark fireplace interior with a white mirror – interesting.

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More white! I’m sure they’ve done this because it makes their tan pop in every picture.

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Mermaid-esque vibe going on here. A bit odd but at least it’s not all white.

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Got you chasing dreams and it ain’t even bedtime…

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Her bedroom is quite minimalist. The wallpaper is funky and the choice of tiles in a bedroom is very nice. However, she has the same mirror as Leanne – I smell a hoax.

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Matching Rolex's, upgrade to Patek now ⏳

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Siânnise is into some fun textures and patterns. This picture shows she’s into traditional designs – the stain glass windows, the steel lamp, the radiator cover. Also, the hallway floor is stunning and that face shows she knows it.

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An insight into Siânnise’s bedroom shows a great use of textured wallpaper. She knows how to design a room.

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A post shared by Siânnise Fudge (@siannisefudge) on Aug 22, 2018 at 11:18am PDT


Sophie has style. This looks like a massive walk-in wardrobe and it’s amazing. Look at all the bags stacked up on the right and the mirror with the big lights around it. Sophie’s boujee.

This could be her lounge. Is that an original piece of antique art above her? No it’s not!

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Show me a good time

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Okay wow. This staircase looks fancy af – it’s white marble, it’s huge and it’s in the centre of what looks like a massive hallway. Sophie clearly has a very big, modern, FIT house with built-in ceiling lights and an outrageously large mirror.

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Looks like Paige’s favourite parts of her house are these two doors and her beige sofa because they’re literally in every pre-night out pic since 2017.

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Such flare!

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keep it sweet x

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Okay so not only is Rebecca disgustingly beautiful, but she also has a really nice house. The blue and white scheme is great. She has a bare dark wooden floor, some fun ornaments and a portrait of a Chihuahua. We all just want to be her mate, lounge on her sofa and eat one of those extra-large marshmallows.

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Wild west with hooligan @hollyzucchero??

A post shared by Miss Newcastle 2018/19?? (@rebeccagormleyx) on Dec 4, 2019 at 12:15pm PST

Her bedroom looks cosy with lots of warm browns and creams. She’s literally 21 and she has a house like this, hbu?

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My besties birthday bash x

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Mike wasn’t giving much away on his Instagram but this is him and his mates in what looks like his hallway. A lot of cream painted wood, a mirror, a bannister – what more could Mike want?


I can’t decide if Connor has surprisingly great interior design taste or he’s just taken these pictures in his parents’ house. Either way, look at that kitchen, including a nicely decked out dog basket which shows he cares. He also has a double-door fridge, a labrador calendar and a Kenwood card – yeah, this is definitely his parents’ house.

A grey velvet sofa? So cool. So suave.

A beautiful exposed brick wall??? What the fuck.


The only pic of Callum inside a house on his Instagram is this, which could be his bedroom? Or maybe a hotel room? One thing we have learnt from this picture is that he uses the Kiehl’s Facial Fuel which is cool.

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End of my drinking career ?

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Nas literally doesn’t have any pictures of him indoors, so here’s a picture of him looking fit and happy – we appreciate you Nas.


He’s not actually in Love Island anymore but we all know he’s got a lot of money, a country estate and is soon to be a Lord, so it would be rude not to include him. This looks like his at-home gym which is probably where he trained every day to get big and strong for his 48-hour Love Island appearance.

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Back from Mozambique, back to back. ? #socks #shknees

A post shared by Ollie Williams (@olliesjwilliams) on Sep 1, 2018 at 10:16am PDT

This looks fancy. It’s also captioned with the hashtag “tailseveryday” *gag*.

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