People are saying this Starbucks worker looks identical to Harry Styles

People are going wild

They say there are at least seven people in the world that are your exact lookalike, and in this case, that’s very much a good thing.

As if TikTok wasn’t already on a roll with the great content, another instant classic video by user @fridasakaj came to the surface, which shows Harry Styles’ doppelgänger working at the most unusual of places – Starbucks. She naturally whipped out her phone and recorded the encounter for our viewing pleasure. Thanks, Frida.

I know – he’s not an EXACT doppelgänger (all closer examples please email [email protected]), but he’s surely close enough? I mean, if Harry is your Starbucks Iced Caramel Cloud Machiatto then this guy is at least your run of the mill Costa Iced Coffee? Squint slightly and they’re practically the same person.

The video has over 280k likes and one million views, so obviously a lot of people are sharing it around in a Styles-induced mania, but there is still no exact location of this branch of Starbucks or his name (the Daily Mail speculated it might be “Sean”). However, rest assured that the thirsty comments section of the video will have both his @ and the location nailed by the end of the day. All you need to do is wait.

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If I were Harry I’d probably be unimpressed with the comparison. If I was Starbucks I’d already be working on turning this into a massive ad campaign. At the payment window, you’ve got Harry Styles, then at the collection window this guy would hand over your coffee – great reactions all round. Starbucks, give me a call.

In the meantime, if you find yourself wanting to find your own lookalike, then join this website where you can find your very own doppelgänger!

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