We asked boys: What’s your favourite type of nude?

Are vagina shots ok? Asking for a mate

Getting the right nude isn’t easy. It takes patience, determination and skilled artistic direction. It’s not a simple as snapping a quick pic of your knob and getting on with your day. For girls there is much to think about, like finding the perfect sexy lighting, wondering how much boob to expose, and getting the shape and angles of the pout just right. The combinations are endless and thinking about them all is tiring.

So, we decided to ask the male listeners of our “Is it in Yet?” sex podcast exactly what they like to see. Obviously they will get what they are damn well given and should be grateful they’re even getting one in the first place. But nevertheless some guidance for those times when we lack creativity wouldn’t go amiss. Interestingly, no one said vagina shot.

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Alternatively, you can listen right here in the player below.

Otherwise, here is what the boys had to say:

“Asssssss” – Alex E

“The bathtub nude” – Paco

“Full naked tease where the angles mean you have to use your imagination ?” – Michael T

“Squeezed together boob thing” – Harry B

“Not a nude unless their face is in it” – Jake F

“Boobies. Just boobs” – Simon S

“Butt on the bathroom sink” – Anon

“With face” – Stuart H

“None! They’re weird.” – Hayes M

“Ones that tease a bit/leave something to the imagination” – Toby R

“Full frontal tease” – Anon

“Teasing” – Anon

“Reverse mirror selfie for the bum” – Faiq R

“Boobs and face in one frame” – Faiq R

“Not a nude, but lingerie types are always best” – Jack S

“In person” – Anon

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