Quiz: How well do you know the Nando’s menu?

What is even in a jumbo platter?

Nando’s is a British institution. It never disappoints. The only place to head to when you’re hungover, Nando’s has become recognised as an important part of our culture.

Whilst some would say it’s over rated, they clearly don’t know how to live and are just saying that to sound pretentious and cool. Because everyone loves a Nando’s. What other food institution has created such a sub culture around it? There’s the menu hacks, the memes and your uni is probably pretty close to one.

Everyone has their go to order, but how well do you actually know the menu? Do you know the spice levels inside out? Have you got a encyclopaedic knowledge of the sides? Well take this quiz and see how well you actually know the Nando’s menu.

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