We asked a dentist all the burning questions you have about Connor’s veneers

‘They are quite simply too big’

Connor’s veneers are one of the biggest talking points of this year’s Love Island. They’re big, white and don’t really fit in his mouth. They’ve launched thousands of memes.

The pictures of him before he got the veneers put in show his teeth were actually alright beforehand. It made me seriously question why he would bother getting them in?

Whilst he’s got some serious Joe Goldberg energy, I honestly don’t listen to what he’s saying about Sophie because all I’m focused on are his blinding teeth. How are they so white? And how much did they cost him? And does anything he eat affect them?


connor's veneers love island

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There’s a lot of questions about his teeth which need answering. I spoke to Dr Guy Barwell, founder of the Implant Centre Hove about Connor’s veneers. Dr Barwell has previously been on This Morning, advising Eammon Holmes on teeth whitening (it’s a must watch btw).

Firstly I asked him why Connor’s veneers are so shocking. He said it was because the teeth are so white and large which make them look like they’re coming out of his mouth. Dr Barwell said: “Connor’s teeth are brash and white, and also very large which makes them look as though they leap out of his mouth.

“It has also caused his mouth and lip area to protrude as they are quite simply too big.”

connor's teeth love island

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Getting veneers done in the UK can be really expensive, Dr Barwell has revealed the cost is anything from £600 to £1000 per TOOTH. Which means if you’ve got at least 10 upper teeth you’ll be spending £10,000 on veneers.

Dr Barwell said this expense is why so many people end up getting them done abroad. He said: “The cost in the UK is anywhere from £600-£1000 on each tooth.  So multiply this by a minimum of 8-10 teeth in the upper.

“If his lower teeth were done as well, then double this again. Veneers abroad are significantly cheaper, perhaps more than half of the UK cost.”

Connor told the Love Island boys he got his veneers done in Thailand and so the price was probably a considerable factor in getting them done there.

connor teeth veneers love island dentist

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Dr. Barwell has stressed getting veneers done abroad can be risky for your teeth. He said other countries don’t hold the same regulations as the UK and there’s often no backup plan if they go wrong.

He also mentioned getting veneers done cheaply abroad can end up costing more in the future because of the aftercare that’s required in the UK. He said: “The regulations and standards may not be as high as here in the UK and if they are done badly then there is often no backup.

“If done to the same exacting standard we would achieve, then the risks are the same.

“The overseas dentists are not ‘controlled’ by the same councils that oversee dentistry in the UK.

“Patients have to see UK based dentists, and looking after badly done treatments is very difficult and often more costly than the original treatment.”

Connor better hope he wins the £50,000.

connor's veneers love island

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Last week a picture on Twitter went off as it showed what teeth really looked like underneath veneers. They’re essentially tic tacs and we are all very terrified for Sophie if she ever sees Connor without the veneers.

The teeth are tiny because they are filed down to make room to place the veneers over them. According to Dr. Barwell, this filing process can take a number of hours and is usually done in one go.

He said: “Often this will be done in a single session, so likely a whole morning in the dental chair as a minimum.”

Dr. Barwell also said if the veneers are done poorly then people may struggle with tough food. He said: “When done well, to a high standard then there’s no restrictions.

“If done poorly then the highest risk would be the front teeth on tougher food.”

So no corn on the cob or celery for Connor?

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