It’s here! The trailer for Tan France’s new show that’s like Project Runway

This Netflix fashion competition is going to be SO good

Who doesn’t love Tan France? He’s funny, he’s fashionable and gives incredible French tuck advice on Queer Eye. And now he’s got a new fashion competition show coming out on Netflix in just under two weeks on 29th January.

Tan and Alexa Chung are the hosts of ‘Next In Fashion’. The show brings designers from around the world together to compete to win $250,000 and will get to design a collection with Net-a-Porter.

via Instagram @tanfrance

Yes it does sound like Project Runway but it’s going to be SO much better.

Firstly the designers aren’t unknown, trying to make it, sewing in their living room kind of vibe, these are designers that have already worked for household names like Alexander Wang and Stella McCartney. And they won’t all be American, there’s a girl from Dundee on there for starters.

Also the show is going to have legendary guest judges like Eva Chen, Tommy Hilfiger and just a relatively unknown Queer Eye star called Jonathan Van Ness.

ALSO the tailer features insane looking runway shows, a really cool work space and the fashion just looks so GOOD. I might honestly die from excitement.

via Instagram @alexachung

Tan posted the trailer to his Twitter last night and he’s just as excited. He said: “The trailer for my new show, Next in Fashion, just launched. Link below. The show launches January 29th. You will LOVE it!!”

Watch the full trailer for Next In Fashion below:

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