These 21 memes will make a true introvert want to curl up into a ball and die

*unknown number rings* AAAAHHHHHH

There’s a really funny hashtag going around on Twitter currently called #StupidQuestionsForIntroverts, and by “really funny” I mean “upsettingly accurate for its portrayal of every single insecurity and difficulty we introverts suffer when it comes to social situations”. Call Domino’s to order a pizza, are you alright in the head? There’s a perfectly good website for that.

Don’t worry though, for you have found your fellow phone-call-avoiding, seminar-dodging brothers and sisters within this article – we’re an underappreciated bunch but we’re more powerful in numbers (online from the comfort of our bedrooms though, obviously). So if your seminar leader saying “let’s do an icebreaker” is enough to send chills down your spine, I think you’re going to enjoy this one.

Here’s a collection of the best introvert memes:


2. haha, no. no I am not.

3. *starts shaking uncontrollably*

4. At least 2 working days, please

5. Is there actually anything worse

6. You were supposed to be my friend 🙁

7. I would but I’m actually busy man sorry you know how it be

8. What is so hard about a text

9. Neither thanks

10. Sure they’ll leave a voicemail if they rlly need me x

11. Call me Joaquin Phoenix because I’m a fucking clown

12. 3 minutes texting > 1-minute phone call

13. you’re the worST PARENTS EVER

14. Answer the below for 30 marks

15. We have found our people

16. Yup pretty much

17. As if people find this easy to do

18. Talk about something we’re both interested in or don’t bother

19. Looool

20. And now for my next trick…

21. I dropped my phone oops

At the end of the day, even if you’re not the most introverted person, you’ve most likely looked at a few of these and thought:

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