PLT are giving anyone named Meghan free unlimited next day delivery FOR A YEAR

Just off to change my birth certificate

PrettyLittleThing are giving away free unlimited next day delivery for a year if your name is Meghan. Yes I am immediately changing my birth certificate.

If your name is Meghan, Megan or Megs (or any other variation) until 5pm today you’ll be getting an email in your inbox with the exclusive code and I am very jealous.

This code is amazing. Think of all the possibilities, emergency dress needed for a night out? Sorted. Loungewear for a Sunday chill day, order as you’re getting ready for drinks on Saturday. A nice top to go with jeans for a spur of the moment Tinder date? Your package will be arriving asap.

PrettyLittleThing announced it on their Twitter last night and tweeted: “YAAAS QUEEN If your name’s Meghan you’ve got 24hrs to become Royalty”.

And a spokesperson for the brand has commented their promotion is because we’re losing Meghan as a royal, well not technically but you know what I mean. They said: “We’re already losing one royal so we’re making sure we replace them by offering YOU free royalty for a year.”

Now Meghan Markle has got to be financially independent surely she’ll be signing up for this mega deal as well.

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