Love Island’s Connor only broke up with his long-term ex seven weeks ago

She claims he has lied in his Love Island application

New winter Love Island contestant Connor Durman’s ex has claimed they only broke up seven weeks ago and she is still living in Australia on his visa.

What’s more, Stevie-Leigh Pich also claims Connor’s Love Island application is “bullshit” and he knew he was going to apply for Love Island whilst they were still together.

She has said finding out he’s appearing on the show has been “hard to digest for her” and it’s been “horrendous”. She posted on Instagram saying she will be turning off all of her social media when the new episodes air.

Stevie told the Daily Mail she cooked, cleaned and did everything for Connor. She claims they were planning on buying a house together and were planning their future. They even have a French bulldog together.

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The couple met four years ago in Australia. In Connor’s Love Island interview he said: “I’ve been living in Australia for four years. In that time, I’ve grown up, done everything myself, I’ve got so many new and different life experiences. I’ve had two big relationships, one good, one bad.” But Stevie claims he hasn’t been alone, he has been with her the entire four years.

She told the Daily Mail: “I’m still out here now, I’m still on his visa until October. It’s been horrendous. It’s very hard for me to digest what’s going on. We had a French bulldog together called Rex, we did everything together but he’s said ‘I did everything myself.’ He didn’t, I cooked, cleaned and did every single thing for that boy. He did nothing on his own.

“I’ve been reading from his interview that he went on a date with a girl and it were the best date ever – I don’t know when that was but he was seeing me, we went to Thailand together in July last year, we were planning on buying a house together!”

Love Island, winter, 2020, new, series, cast, contestants, Connor Durman, ex, girlfriend, Stevie Pich

Stevie also claims Connor has lied about his job in his Love Island application. Connor says he is a coffee bean salesman, which she described as “bullshit” because he has been a roofer for seven years.

On her Instagram story, Stevie said: “Also just to let everyone know I was with him seven weeks ago just before I came back out to Auz (on HIS visa) and I was in a three year relationship with him he knew all along he was going on Love Island. Absolutely savage. I wish Connor all the best but my Instagram is turning off for the whole time Love Island is on.”

Love Island, winter, 2020, new, series, cast, contestants, Connor Durman, ex, girlfriend, Stevie Pich

A source close to Connor told MailOnline: “Connor is single going into the villa and we hope he can find someone who is as genuine and nice as he is. His relationship with Stevie ended eight months ago. His company, Naked Barista, is Connor’s baby and he has worked incredibly hard on it.”


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