Who is Florence Pugh? The star defending her age gap relationship with JD from Scrubs

Honestly I’m obsessed

Florence Pugh has well and truly blown up. In the first few months of this year she was recruited for the new Marvel movie, nominated for BAFTA, and appeared on the cover of American Vogue. People are mad for her, and you’re probably reading this because you are too. Or because you’re intrigued about all the drama surrounding her and Scrubs actor boyfriend Zach Braff, but don’t worry – all will be explained.

The obsession with Florence Pugh comes on as soon as you watch her in anything. People who watched Midsommar have been deep in the Pugh fugue since the summer of 2019. She was also in Fighting With My Family, a wrestling comedy which recently dropped on Netflix. You most likely watched it when you were truly bored and running out of content mid-quarantine. Most notably, she plays Amy March in this year’s adaptation of Little Women and she absolutely fucking nails it.

But what do we know about the 24-year-old British actress and why are we all so obsessed? From her iconic older boyfriend to performing cactus surgery on Insta, follow me down the rabbit hole, and I’ll show Pugh. (I’ll stop making Pugh jokes now. You’re free.)

She’s from Oxford

Florence Pugh was born on the 3rd January 1996 in Oxford. She spent the majority of her childhood there too, save a small stint where she lived in Andalusia in Southern Spain with her family.

Florence went to Cokethorpe School, an independent school in Oxford. She later attended St Edward’s School in Oxford, a public boarding school which teaches GCSE’s and A Levels. She currently lives in London.

She’s dating JD from Scrubs

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Via @zachbraff on Instagram

If you remember Scrubs – and you should, because it was prime post-school, on-repeat-on-E4 watching, you’ll remember the leading man, JD. JD was an American junior doctor played by Zach Braff, who is now 44 years old and dating 24-year-old Florence Pugh. Not to drag the age gap, though – these two seem very happy and they just bought a puppy together!

Upsettingly, Florence has had to consistently defend their age difference. In January, Braff commented a queen emoji on an Instagram picture of Pugh, to which someone responded “You are 44 years old.” Florence replied “And yet he got it.” But that wasn’t the end of the comments.

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Mmmm this clap back is exceptional

Yesterday, on the 8th April, Florence posted a video on Instagram explaining that a post she had shared on Zach on his birthday (6th April) had garnered such a negative response that she had to turn the comments off.

florence pugh, zach braff, florence pugh boyfriend, little women, black widow movie, toby sebastian, florence pugh dating

Via @florencepugh on Instagram

In her video she accuses the commenters of “cyber-bullying”, saying “I don’t know when this became trendy” and requests that everyone who disagrees with her should unfollow.

Her brother was in Game of Thrones

florence pugh, zach braff, florence pugh boyfriend, little women, black widow movie, toby sebastian, florence pugh dating

via @tobysebastian on Instagram

Florence is the second youngest of four siblings, most of whom are actors. Her older brother is Toby Sebastian, who played Trystane Martell in Game of Thrones. If you don’t remember him, he was the very fit Prince from Dorne who married Myrcella (Cersei’s daughter) and then died like, one episode later.

Florence performed cactus surgery on Instagram while getting her roots done

If one thing is going to gently push you into a Florence Pugh obsession, it is the two minute long saga of her cutting her cactus to save it from death while simultaneously getting her roots dyed.

She has been nominated for a BAFTA

In classic casual Florence Pugh nature, the actress announced her nomination via a five second video on her Instagram in January. She sits in front of two small cacti and thanks the academy. If you’re really confused about the cacti, keep reading.

Florence really gives acting her all. Especially facially

Florence is queen of wailing and smiling. Florence doesn’t have time to care about frown lines. She is busy securing the bag.

She’s in the next Black Widow movie

florence pugh, zach braff, florence pugh boyfriend, little women, black widow movie, toby sebastian, florence pugh dating

Via Youtube

Florence stars alongside Scarlett Johansson, Rachel Weisz and Samuel L Jackson in the new Black Widow movie, which she says is about “women repairing themselves.”

She was on the cover of American Vogue

In the caption, she says: “When I was little I thought ladies magazines were as grownup as they came. I would rifle through my mums and feel like I won whenever I found a free fancy perfume sachet, overnight face cream, vouchers for a far away holiday.

“I am completely in shock to say that I am February’s cover girl. What a sentence to say!”

Basically, after this whole article, if you don’t love Florence Pugh by now, there is something wrong with you. Just look at this picture of her on the set of Midsommar and tell me you don’t feel SOMETHING.

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Just.. chillin. #savingtheworldonecupatatime

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Featured image via @florencepugh on Instagram.

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