It’s 2020 now so don’t question these 19 Google Translate memes, just enjoy

Expect lots of baguettes

If the internet is good for anything, it’s creating memes from the smaller enjoyments of life, and the latest offering doesn’t disappoint on this front.

Right at the top of the list of “memes that will be forgotten as soon as they arrive”, comes the latest trend based upon the age-old practice of fucking around with Google Translate – introducing the Google Translate meme. Essentially people are putting text into the engine simply to have the same English pronounced in a foreign accent. You know, as they intended it to be used.

Here’s a collection of the best Google Translate memes:

1. Un lil bubbly


3. Thanks, I hate it

4. Geev eet too mee!

5. I’m claustropHOBIC DARREN

6. You didn’t deserve this, Philip

7. Ouch

8. Anakin SkyWAKA

9. Destructeurs de Coq. DESTRUCTEURS DE COQ?!?!

10. So that’s what Grande means

11. Es kumpent üske monstère

12. A whole bop

13. True

14. Think of the damage that thing would do

15. If you know you know lol

16. The collab we were all waiting for

17. Monsieur is so much better

18. I mean it could’ve been Pierre

19. Knew she was behind it

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