These are most complained about TV moments of the decade

Jack upsetting Dani on Love Island is number seven lol

The idea of being so bothered by a TV moment that you actually call up Ofcom and complain seems completely alien to most of us. That's what Twitter is for. But some people, mostly boomers, still do it. They've been doing it a lot over the past ten years, and we have proof.

Ofcom released the most complained about TV moments of the decade yesterday – and people have been PISSED in the last ten years.

From Jack Fincham upsetting Dani Dyer on Love Island to Jon Snow saying he'd "never seen so many white people in one place" about a Brexit rally, they truly encapsulate all the anger of this decade. Here's the full rundown:

10. Sky News (2015)

1,838 people complained because of an "insensitive" interview conducted by Kay Burley with the CEO of Merlin Entertainment following the Alton Towers crash.

9. Big Brother (2015)

The episode on the 24th June 2015 received 2024 complaints about comments made by contestants.

8. The Wright Stuff (2015)

2,358 complaints received about host Matthew Wright and a guest on the show making inappropriate comments regarding a murder in the Hebrides.

7. Love Island (2018)

Ofcom received 2,644 complaints after Dani Dyer was brought to tears because she thought Jack Fincham was going to cheat on her with his ex in Casa Amor.

6. Channel 4 News (2019)

The moment where Jon Snow said "I've never seen so many white people in one place" at a Brexit rally received 2,717 complaints. Channel 4 then issued an apology. This is the most complained about TV moment of this year.

5. The X Factor (2010)

The X Factor episode where Rihanna and Christina Aguilera performed had 2,868 complaints because people thought it was "too explicit" to be shown before the 9pm watershed.

Enjoy that 2010 video quality.

4. Sky News (2018)

3,643 viewers complained because they felt a video interview with Tommy Robinson was "biased" and "defamatory".

3. UKIP: The First 100 days

6,138 people complained about a Channel 4 UKIP documentary, with most complaints centred around the documentary being "biased" and "misleading".

2. Loose Women (2018)

The episode where Kim Woodburn walked out of an interview received 8,002 complaints with 7,912 directly related to the Kim Woodburn interview.

1. Celebrity Big Brother (2018)

A whopping 25,327 complaints were made to Ofcom after Roxanne Pallett falsely claimed that fellow contestant Ryan Thomas had assaulted her. She has since said that she got it "massively wrong".

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