People are sharing the hilarious reasons they’ve been blocked by celebs

Do not go after Alan Sugar

Blocking is an essential part of the Twitter experience and celebs are quite sensitive at taking criticism or answering basic questions.

A Twitter user posted that they had been blocked by Wizkid for 5 years because “I tweeted when he turns 30 will he become Wizman uno”. Which in fairness is a legit question.

The tweet has since started a chain of the reasons people have been blocked by celebs and usually it’s for the most basic things, proving that celebs are pretty petty and they do spend all their time reading their mentions.

Here are the best reasons why people have been blocked:

1. Purely for stating a geographical fact

2. Alan just couldn’t handle a little joke

3.Typos will piss off noughties celebs

4. Again geography is just too much for A-listers

5. Simple economics really

6.Use of an emoji is a blockable offence

7. At least he wasn’t hurt for too long

8.You will be blocked for telling off Scottish comedians

9. How dare you tell a reality star to donate money to charity?

10. Ouch.

11. If you’re going to hate on Dan Wotton at least @ him first

12. Skepta is not here for fashion critique

13. Sometimes there’s just no reason

14. Never forget your roots

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