Vote for this year’s most eligible bachelorette 2019

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You have been nominating and voting for your most eligible bachelorette candidates across the country. Girls from Leeds, Brookes, Lancaster and Liverpool have been competing to be crowned the hottest single at their uni.

Voting for the most eligible bachelor is underway, but who will be crowned the UK bachelorette champion?

Vote below to decide who should be The Tab’s most eligible bachelorette 2019 – the most sought after accolade for anyone’s Insta bio:

Mia, Liverpool, fresher, Media & Comms

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Mia says her best talent is being able to tie a cherry stem into a knot with her tongue. Her ideal date is watching drunk freshers from her window waiting for their Uber in the cold.

She’d describe herself as “stressed, depressed, but well-dressed.”

Louise Mary, Brookes, second year, Law

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“Are you from Tennessee? Because you’re the only ten-I-see” is Louise Mary’s go-to chat up line. She says winning most eligible bachelorette would be a confidence boost.

Instagram: @louisexmary

Victoria, Lancaster, fresher, Accounting and Finance

Victoria was born and raised in Austria. She speaks three languages fluently, can cook, plays badminton and practices muay Thai. She’ll either be in the clubbing, or in the library.

Instagram: @victoriaagong

Charlotte, Liverpool, second year, Zoology

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Charlotte used to work in McDonald’s, so her greatest talent is being able to make a Big Mac in 15 seconds. She describes herself as “easy-going, caring and outgoing”, and would want to go on a bar crawl for a first date.

Instagram: @charhopley

Saniya, Leeds, third year, Geography

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On being nominated for Leeds’ most eligible bachelorette, Saniya said: “I feel very triggered about the nomination ngl, but I also feel grateful that someone is looking out for me and doesn’t want to see me die alone.” She’s looking for someone funny, romantic and masculine, and would want to go on an activity date that ended in drinking.

Her best chat up line? “Are you my uni work? Cos I would do you all night, moan over you, and finish you off.”

Amber, Lancaster, fresher, Psychology

Amber has been told she looks like the real life ‘groovy chick’. “I’m known for going out a lot and getting very very drunk and not remembering the night, (often who I kissed that night)”, she told The Lancaster Tab.

“I doubt I’m Lancaster’s Hottest Single as I go from a two in lectures to a six on a night out but I’m very honoured to have been nominated by a mate.”

Instagram: @amberrobynx

Sophia, Leeds, second year, Law

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Sophia is looking for someone who’s “loud, fun, fit”. She once went on a first date to a hospital so her date could get some injections – but would’ve rather been having some wines, dinner and a cuddle.

Instagram: @ramaeroo

Jess, Brookes, fourth year, International Business

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Jess told The Brookes Tab her go-to chat up line is “leave or remain? If it is leave, please do so.”

The one secret her family don’t know about her?

She’s got no gag reflex.

Instagram: @missjessguy

Kate, Leeds, fourth year, Geography and Business

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Kate is hoping this will be the platform for her to find her perfect man. Her ideal partner is “no type, no problem” – a wise philosophy to live by.

Instagram: @kateofford

Hannah, Brookes, fourth year, Business Management and Sociology

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Hannah has self-proclaimed she is a catch, adding she doesn’t need chat up lines to get the boys.

Instagram: @hlbrayshaw

Phoebe, Leeds, second year, History

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All Phoebe could say was “lmao” when nominated for The Leeds Tab’s most eligible bachelorette. Her ideal partner is someone who’s “tall, funny, rich” and likes a date that provides her with an opportunity to sleep. Her fave chat up line is “if you were a fruit, you would be a FINEapple.”

Eleanor, Lancaster, second year, Politics and International relations

Eleanor is originally from South Africa but raised in northern England. She’s been single for six months, and thinks she was nominated after he friends felt sorry for her “single ass”.

Instagram: @evbilj

Sarah, Liverpool, second year, Film Studies

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Sarah can make a roast dinner for six people, which she claims is her best talent. She describes herself as “outgoing, generous, straightforward.”

Instagram: @sarahholdawayy

Tash, Leeds, third year, Medicine

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“This nomination is definitely getting pride of place on my family’s mantle piece!”, Tash told The Leeds Tab. Her ideal partner is simply someone who has brown, curly hair – good news boys!!

Instagram: @tashclarke_

Emma, Lancaster, third year, Business

Emma’s been single for two years. She’s been banned from Tinder, and has plenty of bad date stories. She once made a boy walk 20 mins in the rain to stay at hers, to then make him share a bed with Emma and her crying friend. She also admits she likes to “kiss multiple people in the same friendship groups”, and “always go for people who fancy my mates.”

Instagram: @emmaxlon

Liberty, Leeds, third year, Fashion Marketing

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“I’m honoured to be nominated and it’ll be a great addition to my CV”, Liberty told The Leeds Tab. She’s looking for a “lanky, funny, pretty boy”, and if she were to chat you up her go-to line would be “if you were a chicken you would imPECKable.”

Instagram: @libertywhittaker

Kitty, Leeds, fresher, English Literature

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Kitty’s dream man is someone who’s funny, handsome and tall. She once had a one night stand with someone who was seven foot (SEVEN!!!) and she’s a mere 5″5. She’s like a homemade meal for a date, alongside plenty of wine.

Instagram: @kittyhandford

KC, Lancaster, third year, Philosophy

“Single. Not looking. Buy me a drink for more info x” is all KC told The Lancaster Tab.

The person who nominated KC said: “She needs a shag more than she needs a 2:1 – grad and furness please apply below x”

Instagram: @kcdymond