River Island drops Caroline Flack as she steps down as Love Island host

She’s missing out on a six figure deal

River Island have announced they will no longer be working with Caroline Flack.

The announcement comes after Caroline stepped down as Love Island host following her arrest for alleged assault.

A representative for the brand said: “River Island confirms it did not have any deals in place for 2020 with Caroline Flack.

“Previous contracts with Caroline came to contractual end and have not been affected at all by recent events.”

Caroline has previously released two collections with River Island and the latest collection in May got her a six-figure deal.

The Tab have contacted River Island for comment.

She has also potentially lost out on another six-figure deal.

It has been reported Caroline’s advertising deal with Polaroid is currently on hold following the allegations.

Polaroid previously worked with Love Island on the latest series, releasing a series of sunglasses for the Islanders that were also available to buy on the Love Island website.

Following the loss of these deals as well as losing out on Love Island, Caroline is said to be going into “self destruct mode”.

A friend of hers said: “She has this dark shadow effectively.

“It can all be going so amazingly well – she was happy with Lewis, had two amazing TV gigs coming up – then the low mood comes out of nowhere. She gets into these holes where she hits self-destruct.

“Happiness often slips through her grasp just when things are going well.

“She sees life for living and is quite a hedonist especially when it comes to love – she goes all in super quickly.”

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When talking about Caroline’s relationship history the source said: “It’s like she goes into another world, she loves really deeply and honestly. She puts everything into it and it’s all encompassing, and at times overwhelming.

“Initially it’s so intense, and the guys fall just as fast but when they try to get a little space it all goes wrong.”

But people close to her have said she will recover from this: “She’s so full of life and energy and love usually. And the mad thing is, she always snaps out of it and bounces back smiling.”

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