Jacqueline Jossa has finally spoken about husband Dan’s cheating allegations

She said she’s given Dan ‘hell’

Jacqueline Jossa has finally set the record straight about her husband’s Dan alleged cheating.

Jacqueline appeared on Lorraine earlier today and has said they’ve been dealing with these rumours of his alleged affair with Gabby Allen for two years and being in jungle gave her time to reflect on it. She also commented whilst she’s not let Dan get away with it, they are going to start afresh and are currently involved in legal action over some of the allegations.

Jacqueline said:  “The thing is, it’s really funny, because we’ve been going through it for two years. This isn’t new for me.

“To be honest, I want to hit a restart button.

“It’s been two years of me basically giving him hell and it’s not like he’s got away lightly at all.

“He knows he’s done wrong, he knows he’s done a lot wrong. There’s some stuff that’s absolutely not true that is, like, honestly, being done with legal so I can’t even talk about it.”

Her comments come after Dan was accused of having a threesome with model Chloe Ayling and reality star Natalie Nunn whilst Jacqueline was in the jungle, as well as previous allegations of cheating on her with Love Island’s Gabby Allen.

Jacqueline said of the Gabby Allen allegations: “It got brought up again because of Myles but at the same time, I was glad it made me think about it, I didn’t have a choice but to think about it… but it helped me.”

Myles, who was in the jungle with Jacqueline, is Gabby’s ex and has recently confirmed that he told Jacqueline about text messages he found on Gabby Allen’s phone and he believed the rumours to be true.

Speaking to the Metro, Myles said Jacqueline had “listened to what I’d read and she took it on board and she moved on from it. So I’m glad that she took it in and made a decision on what she wanted to do.”

When asked by Lorraine about how her relationship was with Dan now, Jacqueline said they’re “fine”.

Her interview was Lorraine was her first interview after her jungle win, as she decided to cancel all TV interviews following her jungle win in order to focus on her family.

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