This is how the royal babies will look as adults and it is extremely cursed

Why has this been done??????

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Have you ever wondered what the royal babies will look like as adults? Probably not, but now you don't need to.

Cosmetics site Cosmetify have looked into the future and returned with a glimpse of what the current generation of young royals will look like in their twenties.

Friends, it is hell. Like you got really drunk one day and tried to act out the Crown on Sims 4. Let us delve:

Prince Archie

This is apparently what Meghan and Harry's baby Archie will look like at age 21.

It looks like Taron Egerton (star of Kingsman and Rocketman) trying to get into character as Prince Harry. And he's really annoyed because you've just recognised him wearing the costume at his local.

Prince George

Prince George is currently third in line to the throne and adorable. But as a 27-year-old, he looks like the kind of guy who moans that nobody wants to invest in his new cryptocurrency.

If Milo Yiannopolous tried to have a child with Captain Scarlet, this is what it would look like.

I simply cannot think of a good reason why his face is in two halves.

Prince Louis

Look at those eyes. 22-year-old Prince Louis offered to pay for the Uber back to afters AND get a few magnums of Bolly in while he's there, but everyone's slipped out quietly and left him alone at the club.

Despite being William and Kate's third child, Cosmetify have done Louis dirty here. A receding hairline and a cravat? Ouch.

Princess Charlotte

Despite entertaining viewers as the Edgy And Confrontational candidate on the Apprentice, "Charli" has just been fired in the third week. Not one to go quietly, the 25-year-old launches a tirade against the now-incontinent Lord Sugar, revealing she is, in fact, Princess Charlotte.

And she wants to speak to the manager.

Savannah Phillips

Who is Savannah Phillips? A niche royal, for sure. She's Princess Anne's granddaughter, and the daughter of Peter Phillips and Autumn Kelly.

She's so niche that it's not clear why this prediction is included, apart from maybe to scare us all. Isn't it weird that you can hear the accent just from looking at this picture?

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