Jacqueline’s husband is flying to Aus to ‘confront’ Myles over cheating claims

Apparently he wants to ‘have it out’

Jacqueline Jossa’s husband is flying out to the I’m A Celebrity jungle in Australia to ‘confront’ Myles Stephenson over recent cheating claims.

Yesterday, the I’m A Celeb rumour mill went into overdrive when it was revealed that Myles Stephenson had told fellow campmate Jacqueline Jossa that he believed her husband had cheated on her in unaired scenes of the show. What’s more, the apparent affair was with Myles’ ex, Love Island 2017’s Gabby Allen.

Jacqueline’s husband, TOWIE star Dan Osborne, and Gabby Allen have always denied the claims and now Dan is said to be “raging” over what Myles has allegedly said.

Dan has arrived in Australia today, posting on Instagram: “Just landed in Oz! I seriously can’t wait to see their little faces when they see mummy ?❤️ obviously Mia hasn’t got a clue bless her! I’ll try to video the moment ? keep smashing it @jacjossa ??❤️ we are here waiting for you when you get out ?❤️”.

According to The Sun, Dan wasn’t due in Australia until Sunday but has told his friends he wants to have it out with Myles.

A family source told The Sun: “Dan was raging when he heard that Myles had told Jacqueline that more had gone on between him and Gabby than actually has.

“He was telling friends that if Myles comes near him he’ll knock his head off. But he’s moved his flights so that if Myles comes out of the jungle he will be there to have it out man-to-man.

“Dan is furious that Myles has stirred up old news. He feels like he’s been unfairly stitched up by him. He might be acting all happy on Instagram but inside he is raging.”

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It was reported that Jacqueline was allowed to leave Dan a voicemail message about the claims and he was allowed to reply with another. The producers believed this wouldn’t give her an unfair advantage as she didn’t actually speak to him face to face. Jacqueline temporarily left the jungle to do this.

Jacqueline is also said to be considering leaving the jungle for good over it all. In more scenes that were not broadcast, she said she did not want to continue without talking to her husband.

Featured image via Instagram @danosborneofficial

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