250,000 under 25s registered to vote yesterday in the biggest single day ever

1.4 million young people have registered to vote in this election

250,000 young people registered to vote yesterday in a the largest day of voter registration ever, spurred on by Stormzy and a sense of impending climate doom.

Overall, 660,000 people registered to vote yesterday, getting in before the 11:59pm deadline, according to government figures. It beat 2017’s single day record of 620,000.

It’s part of a huge spike in the last couple of days, with 150,000 young people also registering to vote on Monday and pundits calling it “the real youthquake”.

1.4 million under 25s have registered to vote in this election, compared to 900,000 in 2017, a 55 per cent rise.

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Amanda Chetwynd-Cowieson, co-founder of second referendum campaign group FFS, said: “This surge of young people registering to vote outstrips all projections and expectations. This is the real youthquake which was heralded in 2017, and it makes the outcome of this election all the more unpredictable.”

“Young people now have the power to effect real change on December 12th, and FFS will be supporting them on every step of the way. Voting tactically could not be more crucial, and we aim to ensure that every young person votes with their head as well as their heart.”

The huge numbers haven’t come from nowhere – everyone’s been in on the act. Viral tweets with disguised links to the registration site, like this Rebekah Vardy one, are just about forgivable given their noble purpose.

Stormzy’s intervention is being credited as perhaps the most notable, although somehow it drew a backlash from Michael Gove.

However, after trying to par Stormyzy by saying “I set trends dem man copy”, Gove got rinsed quickly enough.

Raheem Sterling also made a high-profile plea for people to register, telling followers “make sure you have your say”.

Labour’s Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell told The Tab “you can’t stand on the sidelines on this one”, branding the election the most important in a generation.

Meanwhile, Corbyn told people to zoom in on his glasses.

If you didn’t register to vote, you’re an idiot.

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