‘Boris is a wasteman’ projected onto Eton College walls

He went to school there

‘Boris is a wasteman’ has been projected onto the walls of Eton College.

The Fck Boris campaign, who organise street parties protesting against Boris Johnson being Prime Minister, beamed the projection onto the walls of the PM’s alma mater just five days before voting registration closes.

Rosa, from Fck Boris, said the projection is a reminder Boris is “just another Eton boy who believes he was born to rule.”

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✨✊? FCK BORIS // FCK ETON ✊?✨ in 2010 we got a dickhead Prime Minister, David Cameron, who tried to crush our communities. We’re ending the decade with one who’s here to finish the job. Where did they meet? at Eton. We went to let Boris know he’s WASTE – and saw up close this place which makes the richest and most powerful few get a crash course in running the system for their benefit. These lot pay £42,000 A YEAR while across the country children go to school hungry and teachers are left to pay for supplies out of long-frozen wages. When we say FCK BORIS, we don’t just mean the man. we mean a racist, sexist system where the privileged few use power to line their pockets. That system’s training ground is right here, in schools like this. It ends on DECEMBER 12th, Election Day – when we #KickBorisOut, and kick this govt out for good ‼️‼️ . . ?? There are 5 DAYS LEFT TO REGISTER TO VOTE – do it now incase ur phone dies or ur internet fucks up when u try last minute. Let’s kick them out on 12 dec ?

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A Fck Boris spokesperson said: “In three weeks the future of the UK will be decided by those who go to vote. So let’s just take a second to remember who Boris Johnson really is.

“This projection is a reminder that Johnson is not the ‘man of the people’ he performs, but is just another Eton boy who believes he was born to rule.

“He will trash the NHS, fumble through government and treat ordinary people as fodder for propping up his rich mates. It is up to us to remind Johnson of who we are – people who know we all deserve better.”

Boris Johnson is the 20th Prime Minister to have attended Eton, and the fifth since 1945.

Eton College costs £42,000 in fees per year – which is 1.5x the average UK annual salary.

Fck Boris is a collective of majority BAME women volunteers who organise a street party to reject Boris Johnson as PM.

10,000 people attended the first party on Boris’s first day as Prime Minister. Off-shoots of the Fck Boris campaign have since sprung up across the UK, and the group recently held a party at Boris’s constituency in Uxbridge.

You can register to vote here. 

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