There’s now an LGBT+ poppy and the boomers are fuming about it

ThE gAYs HaVE a WHolE MONth

What did you wake up angry about today? If your answer involved Remembrance Day poppies with a rainbow motif then congratulations – you've officially lost all sense of perspective.

This week an eBay listing for a Pride-themed poppy had people losing their collective shit on Twitter, with many arguing the design choice was disrespectful and overshadowed the true meaning of Remembrance Day.

While the badge is not being sold by any official merchant of poppies (i.e. the British Legion), the post has become a bit of a magnet for vitriolic and occasionally homophobic outcry. Here are the hottest takes on both sides:

A decorated war veteran has said: 'Leave the poppy alone'

In an interview with The Metro, ex-Colour sergeant Trevor Could said the new poppy gets him "really riled up," claiming it was an attempt to "politicise the poppy."

"If people buy a poppy that is not official the money is not going to help families that need it," he said.

Trevor added: "The red poppy signifies the blood spilt by servicemen and women across the world who have fought in the different wars, and that’s why we have it.

"The red poppy is for everyone, the LGBT poppy is only for the LGBT."

Someone on Twitter has said the LGBT already have 'a whole month' to themselves

The viral tweet which started the uproar was written by a user named Cassie.

It read: "Why am I seeing rainbow poppies being made, not to be rude but there is a whole month dedicated to the LGBT community.

"Can the heroes that fought for our country have the ONE day to be remembered without it being about sexuality.

"It's going too far now."

Most of Cassie's supporters argued that the rainbow poppy doesn't raise any money for ex-servicemen and women – some have urged those who wear non-official poppies to make a separate donation to an appropriate charity.

Some have said the rainbow poppy's purpose is to commemorate the many LGBT soldiers who have given their lives

One of several tweets reported in The Mirror reads: "Wish people would understand the rainbow poppy is meant to be a symbol of respect to LGBT soldiers who had to fight/hide being gay due to the laws all being against it?"

Replying to Cassie's original tweet, user Beth McColl said: "There are very valid reasons to remember LGBTQ+ soldiers – died in a war against fascists while being persecuted for simply existing at home.

"But regardless: it’s a few sellers. Nobody is trying to muscle in or replace the British Legion red poppy. Have a word with yourself."

Others are saying people are only getting angry about the poppy because they're low-key homophobic

One user pointed out the British Legion also sells poppy broaches accessorised with the crests of British football teams, which doesn't seem to make any more sense than a rainbow poppy.

Some have been more direct – pointing out the backlash against one eBay listing seems a tad disproportionate. One said of the critics: "You couldn’t give a fuck about the war or the dead.

Be real you just want a reason to bash the community, just say you’re a bigot with your chest and go."

Others have decided to just turn the whole debacle into a meme, with one user pointing out the equally baffling existence of a Lego poppy.

A spokesperson for The British Royal Legion said: "We can confirm we have not altered our red two petal poppy or issued a rainbow poppy.

"The red poppy recognises the service and sacrifice of people from all communities who have served with the British Armed Forces including those from the LGBTQ+ community."

What a wild ride that was.

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