These 27 The Apprentice rollercoaster memes will be the ride of your life

Seriously how did that Insomnia ride win?

It’s official: We’re halfway through The Apprentice, which means there’s not long left until three candidates are pitching their business idea to Lord Sugar in the hope of securing £250,000 investment.

But more pressing than that, it also means it’s not long until the memes stop, Twitter quietens, and Thomas Skinner isn’t on our TV anymore – a travesty.

In last night’s episode, the teams had to design a rollercoaster and pitch it to the top dogs at Thorpe Park. Carina went for a dreams and nightmares themed rollercoaster, and Scarlett’s team went for an outer-space vibe. It’s safe to say there were some excellent The Apprentice rollercoaster memes.

These are the 27 best The Apprentice rollercoaster memes from last night’s episode:

1. Oioiii he’s a gambling man

2. Lmao how have I never seen this before

3. Popcorn gif

4. Get this on repeat

5. He would’ve won if he said this

6. Guys it’s got 15 loops

7. Feel like shit, just want him back x

8. Urrr there has been a MISTAKE

9. Sold

10. Alan you’re the funniest bitch around srsly x

11.Back to business school for Lottie

12. Heheh

13. Enjoy!!!

14. Did everyone get amnesia or something

15. This is the first thing that I thought of

16. Tommy the Turtle round two

17. Gambling in the boardroom!!!!

18. Have some RESPECT

19. Bless x

20. No YOU fuck off

21. Can’t wait to relay back these detailed notes in the boardroom

22. He’s so happy!!!

23. Accurate


25. Good times x

26. It just doesn’t add up!!!!


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