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These two are rating 2,000 Greggs branches to find the best one in the land

They’re finding the best branch of all so you don’t have to

Two students have made it their mission to visit every Greggs in the country.

Along their journey to visit all 2,000 branches, Tom and Milo created an Instagram account to document the pilgrimage, and are now trying to recruit loyal disciples.

Ranking each Greggs by taste, temperature, freshness, variety, and staff, the pair have worked their way across the country since they began last April.

"We were having lunch and Milo suggested about travelling round all the Greggs in the UK for a summer trip," said Tom.

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Milo (left) and Tom (right)

"After quickly calculating the logistics however we realised it would take visiting five Greggs every day for a whole year and about two grand in sausage rolls, so it was clear it would have to become a lifelong vocation," he told The Tab.

Speak about the difficulty of balancing uni work with consuming Greggs, Tom reveals the pair have only visited 30 branches so far. As a result, they're looking for help. "Recruiting more members is definitely a possibility, however we just want to ensure the content is as good and as reliable as it can be," Tom said.

A visit to Winchester sheds some light on how the duo operate:

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03/06/18 Winchester Greggs Cheeky bite to eat in Winchester, where else than Greggs. Wandered into the store, and selected sausage roll in order to quench my thirst. (Yes not sure how that works but it does) the sausage roll’s pastry was slightly burnt which was a let down. However I persevered onwards and had a large bite. This to be frank was a disappointment, the temperature was warm, yet slightly to cold. Not the greatest start. The meat was actually rather pleasant and was rather tender. Unfortunately this was ruined by the taste of overdone pasty which was dry. Probably not the most fresh. In addition, the sausage roll had split slightly at one end causing the insides to leak out. This resulted in a dry end and a mushy end at the other. However like I said I needed something to quench my thirst and this did the trick. Next I moved onto a chicken bake, as the picture shows this had most definitely been under the tanner to long – like trump – sorry to any trump supporters- actually no I’m not – anyway, I took a bite and the pastry filled my mouth, there seemed to be a lack of sauce inside. However, having eventually found the sauce, I was surprised with how good it was. The temperature was perfect and there was a good amount of chicken. Sauce tasted perfect, not to salty. My main critique of this bake was the amount of pastry, it was filled with pastry meaning that on the one hand a customer wants another as they did not get enough sauce originally, however also had the effect of making them not really enjoy it as all they eat is pastry. Anyways, the store itself was alright. Sadly the selection was poor so variety doesn’t score high. However staff was nice and smiley meaning I left in good spirits . Sadly I forgot to ask for a free loyalty card stamp so cannot be certain of there potential. Subsequently the staff here would have scored relatively high had it not been for the other staff member who could not even look up as I walked into the store. Just rude. Anyway my trip to the Winchester Greggs was a mix of good tastes – sort of – and slightly burnt pastry. Taste: 6/10 Temperature: 5/10 Freshness: 4.5/10 Variety: 3/10 Staff: 6.5/10 Overall: 5/10

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The @greggs_pilgrimage method is a masterclass in consumer science. Tom and Milo always buy a sausage roll "to make sure the conclusion is as scientifically accurate as possible", along with whatever else they want.

Then they "make sure to measure the taste, temperature and freshness of the item on order, as well as the amount of options and how friendly the staff are."

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26/10/2019 Dogsthorpe Greggs A47 Eastbound / Crowland Road Peterborough PE6 7SZ This may be most disappointing Greggs visit ever! Knowing I had only 10 minutes to spare I rushed in, hoping to catch a last minute sausage roll. Yet this was not to happen! Upon entering I rushed to the checkout and surveyed the options only to realise there were no options. I was truly baffled. What was occurring in front of me. Standing puzzled I looked at the sweet treats. None! My next thought was to quickly find a ember of staff. Again nobody. What was going on. As I have clearly shown with the screenshot, this particular Greggs establishments closes at 5pm on a Saturday yet these pictures were taken at 4:53. Clearly before this establishment was supposed to close its doors for the day. Outrageous!! In a state of horror, had to vacate the premises even asking the manager of the Esso Garage if he had seen a Greggs employee. He had not. Very dissatisfied. I sulked out of the store with no sausage roll, not even a pumpkin latte. Well this review really made me think for the ratings. No products = no taste or temperature or freshened or variety meaning only staff could be reviewed. However as I have previously mentioned, this store lacked even the basic manners to provide me with a staff member. I really hope there is a plausible explanation for this @greggs_official . However until one is forthcoming I shall not be returning to this establishment again. Taste: 0/10 Temperature: 0/10 Freshness: 0/10 Variety: 0/10 Staff: 0/10 Overall: 0/10 #greggs #greggspilgrimage #dissapointment #stillhungry #lonely #nofood #nopeople #neveragain

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Although their tour has taken them to several different impressive outlets in Norwich, and a high-ranking Leeds branch, the current leader sits in South-West London.

"Going by our carefully calculated ranking system, the best Greggs we have visited is Southfields, ranking at a 8.8/10 down to the outstanding taste, temperature and freshness of the pastries provided, as well as the variety on display and the enthusiasm of the staff," Tom told The Tab.

The overall rankings so far:

Southfields Greggs – 8.8

Norwich (White Lion Street) – 8.6

Norwich (The Lastings) – 8.3

Ledbury – 8.2

Worthing – 8.2

Leeds – 8

Brighton (North Laine) – 8

Shepherd's Bush – 7.7

Haywards Heath – 7.1

Fareham – 7

Chilton Services – 7

Eastleigh – 6.9

Chieveley Services – 6.7

Norwich (London Street) – 6.7

Norwich (St Stephens Street) – 6.7

Petersfield 2nd Greggs – 6.5

Port Solent (revisit) – 6.3

Port Solent – 5.8

Horsham – 5.7

Burgess Hill – 5.5

Southampton – 5.5

Cobham Services -5.3

Beaconsfield Services – 5.2

Winchester – 5

Petersfield – 4.5

Norwich (Colman Road) – 3.7

Stoke Lyne – 3.6

Aylesbury – 3.6

Thetford – 3.5

Dogsthorpe – 0 (It was closed)

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