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This year’s Halloween best dressed are so spooky they’ll be your sleep paralysis

Spooky szn: it’s a look

Everyone knows Halloween is the perf time to show off those weird and wonderful get-ups, but this year it seems the hype over spooky szn has encouraged a few students to transcend the common costume tropes.

Wave goodbye to the sexy kitten, say au revoir to the white tee with fake blood, and hello to some genuinely inventive costumes.

Here are the best Halloween costumes from students this year:

Tabatha: University of Southampton

Let the purge commence.

Misa: Solent University

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Ffion: Cardiff University

I won’t lie to you, the reunion better happen.

Tasneem and Harriet: University of Southampton

Brexit is scurrr.

Charlotte: University of Bath

Killed it.

Nathan and Soph: Nottingham Trent University

Peace and love.

Sophie: University of Glasgow

Roaring 2020s is a vibe.

Chloe, Steph and Zandi: University of Surrey

So fetch x.

Stella: University of Bristol

Yas queen.

Abby and Georgia: University of Glasgow

Funky ‘n’ Fresh.

Victoria: University of St Andrews

Did someone say eclectic?

Holly, Cat, Els, Lola and Hannah: Swansea University

Groovy or what?

Dbizz: University of Liverpool

Fairytale vibes.

Charlie, Steve and James: University of Southampton

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Sorry I lied, here are three sexy kittens.

Joseph: University of Warwick

“Of course they’re real people. They’re Oompa-Loompas.”

Elizabeth: University of Leeds

It’s too cute not to.

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