Netflix’s Tell Me Who I Am is as shocking as Abducted in Plain Sight

It’s based on a true story

Remember when Abducted in Plain Sight came out and everyone went wild? There were Abducted in Plain Sight memes, it left you with so many questions and universally people were asking “how did this even happen?”

Well prepare yourself, as Netflix’s Tell Me Who I Am will leave you feeling exactly the same.

*Spoilers ahead*

What’s Netflix’s Tell Me Who I Am about?

Tell Me Who I Am is a true story about twin brothers Alex and Marcus Lewis. Age 18, Alex Lewis was in a motorbike accident. He lost all his memory prior to the accident, and could only remember that Marcus was his twin brother.

The documentary is split into two acts. In act one, Alex narrates his version of events, and in act two Marcus tells his.

In act one, Alex speaks about how he was released from the hospital after being in a coma. He depended on his brother to re-teach him everything from his past, including where is family home is, his girlfriend, what his mother was like when they were growing up and places they’d been to on holiday as a family.

Marcus paints a sunny picture for Alex using photographs taken from their childhood. He tells Alex they used to go to France, that their mother was considered “cool” and adored Chihuahuas. He told him how the family had slightly strange house rules, that they often had the aristocracy round their house for parties, and that their father must always be addressed as “Sir”.

Tell Me Who I Am

Alex and Marcus with their mother

After their mother and father die from illness, Marcus and Alex start clearing out their childhood home. In their mother’s quarters of the house, they discover a cabinet full of sex toys, grandiose outfits, and a locked cabinet inside her wardrobe. After scrambling to find the key, Alex and Marcus discover the only thing in the cupboard is a picture of them. The picture is of them on holiday, naked, and with their head’s cut off.

In act two, the audience discovers Marcus hasn’t been telling the entire truth to Alex, and has been covering up a darker side of their childhood to protect him.

As children, Marcus and Alex were sexually abused by their mother. They were also sexually abused by their mother’s friends. Marcus explains he refrained from telling Alex exactly what happened to them as children, instead painting a happier picture. Marcus explains this was a way for him to try and get through his own personal trauma from the abuse. Marcus said that by playing happy families, it temporarily made him push his memories of trauma into a closed “Pandora’s box”.

Tell Me Who I Am

Alex and Marcus discuss their childhood in Tell Me Who I Am

After discovering the image of them naked in their mother’s room, Alex asked Marcus if they’d been sexually abused. Marcus confirmed they had, but did not go into detail as to exactly what had been done to them, or that others were involved in the abuse too. On Tell Me Who I Am, Alex explains he has not been able to feel closure about his past, due to not knowing the full extent of what happened to him as a child.

Tell Me Who I Am brings both brothers, who are now in their 50s, in front of the camera separately to tell their version of events. At the end of the documentary, Alex is finally told details about the trauma in his childhood that his brother Marcus protected him from for the past 30 years.

Who is in Tell Me Who I Am?

The Tell Me Who I Am documentary is narrated by Alex and Marcus Lewis. Their mother and father are both spoken about in depth during the documentary.

Tell Me Who I Am

Marcus would tell Alex about his past via old photographs

Is Tell Me Who I Am a true story?

Tell Me Who I Am is a true story based on Alex and Marcus Lewis’ childhood.

The story was first produced in a memoir also called Tell Me Who I Am. It was ghostwritten by Joanna Hodgkin, and was published in 2013.

Where can I watch Tell Me Who I Am?

Tell Me Who I Am is available to stream on Netflix now. You can watch the trailer for the documentary below:

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