Once more for you in the back: Degrees with reading weeks aren’t proper subjects

It’s basically just a glorified half term

It's that time of the year again. Up and down the country, thousands of children are on their October Half Term. And joining them are thousands more students who do such basic degree subjects that their uni are literally giving them a week off to do nothing.

Let's be honest, reading weeks are a great excuse to sack off uni and book a holiday, and I definitely wouldn't complain if I had one. But imagine your degree having so little to teach you they have to just write off a whole WEEK per semester and give you free time to do absolutely nothing.

You literally get five contact hours a week, so you definitely don’t need even more time off

Come on, now. You literally have a handful of lectures and seminars a week, and have HOURS a day to do your reading in. But do you do any? Of course you don't.

You've already wasted the first half of the semester sitting in your cold, dank uni house watching Drag Race UK and not doing a single page of your reading. So why would having a whole week dedicated to nothing but reading be any different?

You just go on holiday and don’t even use it to read

Your lecturers know you’re not going to do any reading. You know you’re not going to do any reading. Even your nan knows you’re not going to do any reading. So why do they give you a whole week to do nothing but read? Who knows tbh.

If you plan on spending your reading week doing anything other than going on holiday, or going home to see your dog and get some free food, then you are quite frankly an idiot. But by virtue of even having a reading week, you pay nine grand a year do a fake degree and thus are also an idiot.

Medics and engineers don’t get one, so that basically tells you all you need to know

Arguably the most real subjects there are, medics and engineers don’t get reading weeks, so why should you? Unlike the rest of us, they’re actually going to have money and job prospects, and they seem to cope just fine without having a week’s break every semester. AND they have loooooads of contact hours, so if anyone actually needs a week off, it's them.

Maybe while you’re swanning around Barcelona pretending to read Dickens, they actually getting told secret tips about how to secure a rEaL jOb.

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You haven’t even been back at uni for a month and you ALREADY need time off, are you okay?

Freshers’ Week was a MONTH ago. You’ve only had a few of weeks of lectures. And you already need a break? I know doing nothing but skipping lectures and going out every Wednesday can be very strenuous,
but come on now. No one needs that much free time. How bad is your time management that uni have to literally give you a WEEK off to sort yourself out and catch up?

It's is literally just a glorified half term and if you don't realise that you're lying to yourself

Imagine uni giving you a half term. You are an actual child. Even if you try to convince yourself you're actually going to work, there's absolutely no way you truly believe it. Yes, you're going to go to Berlin and have a sick few days, but who will the real winner be when it comes to graduation time? Definitely not you.

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