I will wake up at 8am for these very fit English rugby players

Ruck me til I scrum please

You love to see it, you love to read it. England continues to advance further into the Men’s Rugby World Cup, this year in Tokyo, Japan, but we’re less concerned with the scores (admittedly you lost us at ‘half scrum’) and more focused on the eye candy.

There’s nothing sexier than a sweaty athletic man you can admire through your tv screen, all the benefits of HD cameras with none of the B.O..

If you came to The Tab hunting for real stats, and play-by-play summaries, you’re in the wrong place. However, if it’s sexy shirtless selfies and bulging muscles you desire, look no further.

Anthony Watson

Forget shit fancy dress and Wednesday socials, second string captains who think they're all that, and the constant stench of Frosty Jacks and unwashed socks. We're in the big leagues now. Coming in at the top of our highly scientific and comprehensive list is Anthony Watson, the epitome of dreamy rugby boy.

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Big Mood

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We've never seen someone make a mouth guard so sexy. Although his insta pic game is a low low 6/10 (seriously, what is with all those borders?) his captions come in at a solid 9/10, he’s definitely up-to-date on the memes. No one has ever made a mouth guard look so fit.

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Piers Francis

Olivier Giroud meets England Rugby. If his future wasn’t currently hanging in the balance of transfer talks to Crystal Palace, we’d be sure he’d made a career change. We reckon Piers and Olivier could switch jerseys and no one would notice, well they’re both so pretty to look at. And super talented, but mostly they’re pretty.

In true pro rugby fashion, Piers’ insta leaves much to be desired, maybe he has more important things to do than cultivate his insta aesthetic.

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Henry Slade

With thighs bigger than the average head, he could definitely crush a watermelon between his legs. Or your head, if you're into that sort of thing, some people are.

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What a weekend ??

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Let's be honest, we're 90 per cent here for the fluffy dog.

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Manu Tuilagi

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Fit daddy alert. If he's not your cup of tea, start drinking coffee.

We've only got three words to say about Manu Tuilagi; What. A. Man.

The epitome quite frankly. This Samoa national has five older brothers who all played for the Somoa Men's National Rugby Team. A genetic gene pool from sport heaven. Cut us off a slice of the Tuilagi family please.

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Maro Itoje

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Thanks for the love ❤️❤️

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We want to lock this lock down! Why so serious? It's not like 60 million people are waiting for you to bring the world cup home, oh wait.

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Joe Launchbury

If I see one more photo with a Getty images watermark I’ll throw hands. You’re a world renowned rugby player, surely you can get on-pitch pics better than this. Joe is lucky he's pretty, in the classic sort of village rugby sort of way. He's not our top pick but we certainly wouldn't say no, would you?

Instagram: @joe_launch

Jack Singleton

Ok sure, he's definitely had his nose broken at least seven times, (look at those nostrils, they're huge!) but this Jack should be a singleton no more! With quintessential rugby boy looks, Jack’s got the furrowed brow down to a T.

We bet he loves to down a pint at the local and probably knows Mr. Brightside better than God Save The Queen.

Instagram: @jacksingleton

Owen Farrell

Is it just us or does he look like a bulked up Gaz Beadle? Once the fittest English rugby player, or perhaps fittest in the world, he’s gone somewhat downhill with time. Nevertheless Owen Farrell is a classic. Of course we had to recognise this fine specimen and all he’s done for this great country. While he doesn’t make top three of our list, he’ll stay in the top eight.

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Good start ?

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Also he's Captain of Enland Rugby and who doesn't love a man in charge, on and off the pitch *wink wink*.

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