Has your uni treated you badly because of your mental health? Tell us

Get in touch in confidence

Universities struggling to care for the mental health of their students is nothing new. At some unis, the average waiting time for counselling is over a month, and 10 times more students are dropping out completely for mental health reasons than a few years ago.

We want to hear your stories and hold unis to account.

Have you been to your uni for help and they haven't treated you well? Did they tell you to do something completely trivial to help yourself? Were you made to wait a ridiculous amount of time for counselling?

We think telling the stories of what's happening to students is the best way to put pressure on universities to actually change.

If you've got a story you want to share, email [email protected] in confidence. That means we won't reveal your name if you don't want, or reveal that you've spoken to us.