Fleetwood Mac aren’t playing Glastonbury 2020, Emily Eavis confirms

Genuinely sorry if you think it’s ever going to happen

Eternally rumoured Glasto headliners Fleetwood Mac won't be playing next year, the festival's organiser has confirmed.

Speaking at the Cheltenham Festival, Emily Eavis said that neither Fleetwood Mac or Led Zeppelin are playing the festival's 50th anniversary in June.

In fairness, the band are rumoured every year and are yet to materialise on the Pyramid Stage. Is there anything sadder than the grim predictability of this NME tweet?

Fleetwood Mac famously snubbed Glasto to play the Isle of Wight in 2015, a decision apparently motivated by money.

Emily Eavis told the BBC in 2017 that Glastonbury headliners get paid "probably less than 10 per cent of what they'd get from playing any of the other major British festivals".

Speaking yesterday at the Cheltenham Festival, Eavis also revealed two out of the festival's three pyramid headliners have been booked.

Supremes star Diana Ross has also self-confirmed for the traditional Sunday afternoon legends slot.

Fleetwood Mac were the bookie's favourites to headline. Now, ticket-holders unable to leave the Pyramid field all weekend will have to make do with some of the current favourites: Taylor Swift, Paul McCartney, Kendrick Lamar, the 1975, and Elton John.

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